The C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

The C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

The C6500Au vs C6500Pu , Epson provides ColorWorks Printers from the series C6000 that have distinct key features, including the C6500Au as well as C6500Pu

Both options offer users full-color printing and also have several similarities. They include:

  1. Type Ink
  2. Available in matte and gloss
  3. 8-inch wide printing
  4. Resolution
  5. Compatibility
  6. Connectivity

BS 5609 certification

The major distinction between the two printers lies in the features that can used. While the C6500Au comes with an integrated cutter that can create labels in a variety of dimensions. The C6500Pu comes with the ability to peel and present. It means that labels are print with the liner removed to make it easier for hand-applying. The distinction in these features is the reason for a slight variance in cost. It is worth noting that the C6500Pu costs more, with a price tag of $3,000.

Epson C6500Au Ink

the C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

The Epson C6500Au displaying the location of the cartridges for ink on the front of the printer.

The Epson C6500Au is an inkjet pigmented printer that makes use of UltraChrome D ink.

Although it is less bright than dye-based ink, however, it is more durable when printing. This means that text and images can withstand exposure to elements such as oils, water as well as UV light.

Inks made of pigments are less susceptible to bleeding, smudging, and fade. Check the price of epson passbook printer online.

The inkjet printer has four individual cartridges available in the standard CMYK color: black, cyan magenta, yellow and black.

They are able to support 16.7 million colors in a spectrum of colors to create eye-catching labels.

Epson C6500Au Labels The C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

Since the Epson C6500Au an inkjet printer it requires specific inkjet labels. This is due to the fact that inkjet labels are made with a special coating that allows ink to completely absorb in the paper.

An array of options for media is accessible for use. They include:

  • Plain paper
  • Matte paper
  • Synthetic
  • Textured paper
  • Glossy paper
  • Glossy film
  • High-gloss paper

In combination with pigment inks, synthetic materials are the best for label applications that are durable.

They include polypropylene, polyester, films and numerous others. The most durable labels are able to withstand extreme temperature variations in contact with chemicals and water, exposure to sunlight ,

As well as tearing and scratching. Buy online low price passbook printer in India

As stated the matte and gloss inkjets are available. These coatings allow for further customization and improves the final appearance for the labels.

While matte coatings offer a smooth, muted appearance as well as feel, gloss coats give an edgy, reflective appearance for a variety of applications. he C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

The C6500Au can be used with the fanfold and roll media. Labels for roll media must have the 3″ core inner diameter (ID) and a 6″ outer diameter (OD). Sensor marks, such as gap sensor or black timing marks are employed with both media types. This model comes with cutter capabilities.

But die-cut, continuous, or perforated labels are also available.

Specifications of The C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

  • Epson C6500Au Epson C7500G
  • Maximum Print Width 8.34″ (212 millimeters) 4.45″ (108 mm)
  • Max Media Width 8.5” (216 mm) 4.41” (102 mm)
  • Speed of Print up 5” / second. 11.8″‘/second
  • Media Types Paper, Synthetic, PET Film, Textured, Matte, Gloss/High-Gloss Paper, Synthetic, PET Film, Matte, Gloss/High-Gloss, Clear
  • Shop Epson Compatible Labels Epson Compatible Labels
  • Epson C6500Au Compatibility & Connectivity

The C6500Au can be used with various versions types of Windows along with other Operating Systems. It is compatible with

Epson C6500Au Software

Software-wise the C6500Au runs drivers that are compatible with Bartender, NiceLabel, and CODESOFT. It is fully compatible to ZPL II to allow users to benefit from Epson inkjet technology, without having to modify existing systems.

The Verdict

  • Pros
  • Cost effective printer
  • High volume printing
  • BS 5609 certified
  • Ink cartridges that are individually designed for simple replacement
  • Built-in cutter feature
  • Matte and gloss models are available.
  • LED indicator that shows status and updates as well as errors and ink levels

Cons of The C6500Au vs C6500Pu 

  1. Printing speed slower than the majority of inkjet printers.
  2. Gloss label and matte label media should be used in conjunction with their respective printer models.
  3. Users must alter where to cut the label to fit the appropriate size label


This printer offers the ideal combination of price and performance for people who want to print large volumes of full color labels for a variety of applications for a low cost. Although it’s not as speedy than other printers inkjet we’ve tested but it does make up for it with speed thanks to its wide print width and the width of the media.

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