Revamp Your Car: Quick DIY Ways Achieve It

Everyone dreams, but there are only a few amongst us, who are fortunate enough to live up to their dreams to the fullest. While some sit in the comfort of the luxury cars, others stand by, with eyes popping out, as they fly past them. Nevertheless, acquiring any standard or luxury car is not an easy task. Not everyone has the privilege of roaming across the streets of Dubai and buying a vehicle in one go. Years of blood and sweat go into buying one and materializing the ambition for a dream car.

However, this ambition doesn’t stop here. From this point on, they plan to design and color it the way they had dreamed of. Since the manufacturers make designs best suited for their customer base, they do not fulfill every individual wish of the clients. This gives the buyers some room to make changes. Especially when undergoing car repair in Dubai, thereby adding the funky and colorful elements along.

Here is a look at some DIY ways in which the vehicles are customized. Read ahead to know more:

Wheels to Keep the Car Rolling

Wheels are the most common aspect of your car. And many energetic souls tend to change the tires for a different look, yet a steady drive experience. It is especially the case if they have bought an old car, and the tires need to be replaced. So instead of going to the original manufacturer, and investing in expensive tires, they opt for an aftermarket wheel. These are produced by third parties and can fit a variety of car types. Some even incorporate the wheel lights that light up and complement the car’s body. It gives their car a classy and sophisticated look.

Brakes with Adequate Braking Distance

Cars come with different speed limits. And they require different strengths of brakes to keep the car in control while driving. Investing in good-quality brakes can never get old. From showcasing the brake strength to keeping the car in control while surfing through the roads at high speeds, breaks minimize the risk to a great extent. Thereby, making the drive experience safe throughout the journey.

Transition Between the Pedals

Quality pedals improve the drive experience. Many car owners make subtle changes to the car’s pedals to improve the ergonomics. This reduces the stress implied on muscles and nerves of the back, leg, and knee. When going on long drives, it increases the drives’ discomfort level. As a result, possible issues arise wiuth consistent discomfort. The incorporation of dead pedals helps in preventing accidents, quick wear and tear while ensuring a safe and steady drive experience.

Lightweight Cars Take Turns Faster

Experts believe that cars with a lighter body can easily take sharp corners and turns while accelerating the speed. However, it is not possible, if they are driving in a heavy car. Therefore, many people who want to drive like car racers, tend to make certain changes that will make their car weigh lighter. For this, they commonly change the roof and hood with a lighter one. Such a small change gives them a greater speed and better fuel mileage, resonating a drive experience quite similar to that of a luxury car.

Engine Generating Large Horse Power

Upgrading the car engines might be the most expensive addition. But for the enthusiastic riders who are obsessed with making their version of a race car, it is no big deal. For them, getting the enormous horsepower is a must to give them the adrenaline rush with every drive. The upgraded engine fully supports them in this, something that the old engine can blow up while trying to keep up with the fast drives.

Flashy Paint Job

The flashy paint job is a clear announcer of the DIY customization. Customizations are deemed incomplete without it. The flashy color, crazy paint palettes, and words scribbled on the car’s exterior prowash resonate that it is the work of creativity, art, and DIY alike. On the contrary, there are some, who slowly work their way and pull a strong customization game to a point that it becomes a look-alike of the original vehicle. Nevertheless, the true sight will still be able to distinguish the originality factor. Yet, the creativity and hard work are worth a round of applause!

Undergoing Transformation

Car transformations have existed since the dawn of time and as the trend forecasts, it continues to progress. More so, even if someone undergoes paint, engine or even AC repair Dubai, they might end up getting a slight chunk of customization of their vehicle. After all, they all contribute towards enhancing the out and performance of their vehicle in the best possible manner.

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