Knowing the Sponsor and the Sponsee of AA Meetings

Every member taking part in an AA meeting has a role to play in the collective recovery of the other members participating in the discussion. However, the role of a sponsor deserves special mention. Who then is a sponsor? Well, to start with, when we speak of sponsoring, we do not mean anything to do with funds as it may seem. In Alcoholic Anonymous, a sponsor is someone who has been part of these meetings and has successfully weaned himself off the addictive substance, in this case, alcohol. 

He or she should be one to have gone through the 12 traditions of AA successfully. In order to be a sponsor, you need to be in recovery for at least a year. 

What is the Role of a Sponsor? 

A sponsor is somewhat like a counselor. He or she would be a senior member of the AA group who can help in navigating memberships, work on the 12 traditions, offer accountability, and answer questions. He is also like a confidant since he knows what each member of the group might be going through. You can speak to the sponsor about issues that you may not wish to discuss in open meetings.

Having sponsorship improves treatment outcomes. Sponsors even ensure better attendance in meetings. So, if you are looking for an AA meeting in Georgia to attend, you may perhaps choose one that engages a sponsor for quicker results. 

What is a Sponsor Not Expected to Do?

One should not confuse a sponsor with a therapist. He has no professional degree to treat your addiction. Therefore you should expect any kind of therapeutic help from him. Similarly, a sponsor will never impose his personal beliefs on you. He or she is also never a close friend or a romantic partner. 

He is simply someone you tend to become comfortable with. All sponsors are temporary and getting emotionally involved with them is not advisable at all. You need to respect the boundaries in the relationship and keep it as professional as possible. 

What is expected from you as a Sponsee?

Sponsee is of course someone who is under a sponsor. Here are some of the key requirements of being a good sponsee:

  1. He or she needs to always show up at meetings with his or her sponsor. In case of any cancellation, advance intimation has to be sent to the sponsor so that he is aware. 
  2. Keeping calls minimal is important. Ask your sponsor if he prefers calls or text messages and stick to it. Respect boundaries. Never violate the privacy of your sponsor. 
  3. Do all the work assigned to you by your sponsor. Make an honest effort to complete all tasks. 
  4. Do not share personal information with your sponsor. Just keep it limited to addiction and addiction-related problems. 

Remember, a sponsor is your mentor and guide. He or she may not have answers to all your problems. However, when you look for an “AA near me” you may also wish to find out who the sponsor is and what kind of reputation he or she enjoys. Your role as a sponsee is also likely to be crucial to the recovery process. 

Every member taking component in an AA assembly has a function to play withinside the collective recuperation of the opposite individuals collaborating withinside the discussion. However, the function of a sponsor merits a unique mention. Who then is a sponsor? Well, to begin with, whilst we talk of sponsoring, we do now no longer suggest something to do with finances as it can seem. In Alcoholic Anonymous, a sponsor is a person who has been a part of those conferences and has efficiently weaned himself off the addictive substance, in this case, alcohol. He or she needs to be one to have long past thru the 12 traditions of AA efficiently. To be a sponsor, you want to be in recuperation for at least a year.


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