How To Write A Good Argumentative Essay: Tips And Tricks

If you are here reading this post, chances are that you have been assigned to write an argumentative essay, and you do not know how to write it. Well, you have come to the right post and place to learn about how to write this essay. This essay is a type of essay which requires its writers to choose a point or develop an argument and back it up with evidence and logic. The main purpose of this essay is to convince the readers that your stance on the topic is the right one. This is where the problems start happening.

As the writer, you do not know how to write a good argumentative essay and compel the readers to stick to your point. There is no need to worry because today’s post is all about explaining the tips and tricks to write this essay in the best possible manner. However, before moving on to the tips and tricks, let’s define this essay type.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of writing that takes a concrete stance on the essay topic and back that argument with solid and bulletproof pieces of evidence. In this essay, you try to persuade the readers that your point of view is the most logical one about the topic. To do this, you state all the reasons that come to your mind and provide pieces of evidence in the form of examples, facts, and figures. This kind of essay is mostly assigned to school and college students. The topics generally range from science to technology and politics to healthcare. So, this is what an argumentative essay is.

Tips and tricks for writing an argumentative essay

After reading the information above, you now have got a good idea of this essay type. Well, knowing about the definition is not enough to write this essay. To develop good arguments in your essay, you need to have a grip on all the tips and tricks for writing this essay. Hence, a brief description of the tips and tricks is as follows:

1. Choose a debatable and defendable topic

Choosing is the first stage in writing an essay. If you can choose the essay topic well, know that you are off to a great start. As the argumentative essay is about developing arguments about a topic, it is necessary that you choose a topic that is debatable and defendable. Such topics allow you room to expand on the topic and clearly state your point of view. The topic of your essay must be defendable, meaning there must be enough irrefutable pieces of evidence.

2. Research the topic extensively

Once you have chosen the essay topic, it is time to research that topic extensively and look for the shreds of evidence that you use to back up your argument. During your research, do not just read the arguments that you like or that are in line with your thoughts. Give time to the opposing thoughts or arguments too. It will help you strengthen your argument and give more concrete explanations.

3. Find good arguments

Once you have researched the topic well, you are left with some strong and weak arguments. During the research phase, you do not know which argument is strong and which one is weak. So, after conducting the research, sit and analyse all the arguments that you have collected. Only choose arguments that fit your argumentative essay topic and about which you feel they can make an impact. However, if you feel like struggling with the arguments, you can buy essay online from a service.

4. Formulate an outline

Until this point, you have all the things required to write this essay. You have chosen a good topic, researched the topic carefully, and found good arguments and pieces of evidence to back your point. Although it is time to write the essay, formulating an outline comes first. So, as the writer, you must make an outline of your essay in which you should write the main points that you will be discussing. The outline is important because it does not let you get off track.

5. Start writing the essay

Finally, the step which you have been waiting for has arrived. It is time to start writing the argumentative essay and putting all the things together. You must start by crafting a compelling introduction to the essay, followed by evidence-filled body paragraphs. In the last, you should conclude the topic well by stating the main arguments once again.


Conclusively, by following the tips mentioned above, you can write a good argumentative essay. This essay requires concrete facts and figures, and you can also give those pieces of evidence if you research the topic well. This also proves that the research phase is the most crucial phase in writing this essay.

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