How To Use Grass Cutter Machine Like An Expert

The Grass Cutter Machine was created over a decade ago on the knowledge and practices of a professional landscaping company that has been in business for over two decades. Our knowledge and expertise have only grown since then. Our experts are happy to share what they know and help you avoid getting scalped, scarred, or shredded.

Any other name for a string trimmer


  • Eater of Weeds (brand name)
  • Strimmer for Weeds (In the UK and Ireland)
  • Grass Trimmer Weed Trimmer
  • Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Weed Whip (Australia and Canada)
  • Trimmer for Lines

A professional trimmer is a secure trimmer


Yes, we are aware. Personal protection equipment (PPE) is frequently bulky and prone to sweat accumulation. But listen up-wear it nonetheless.

At the absolute least, you should protect your eyes. When projected at 200 to 300 mph, every errant piece of line or rock can cause permanent harm. A pair of protective glasses is a good start, but a full visor shields your face from flying debris. While cutting, angle the Grass Cutter Machine such that the chopped material spins away from you.

We understand it is hot outside, but please refrain from wearing shorts and sandals. Heavy leg coverings, such as pants, will protect against flying debris. Fragmented trimmer lines can cause bruises and skin lacerations. Wearing shoes with steel toes and soles is also a good idea. This will protect your feet if you work in an overgrown area or step on glass, metal, nails, or other sharp materials by accident.

Make sure to inspect the ground


Before you begin cutting, make sure to inspect the ground. Glass, metal, gravel, and other small things can become entangled in the line and become projectiles. If possible, avoid or pick them up.

Our experts recommend headphones to protect the ears from long-term exposure to harsh noises. The ROP Shop sells hearing protection from 3M and Earmuff that can be connected to Bluetooth so you can rock out while cutting.

Don’t forget to keep your trimmer in good working order to deliver the safest and best cut consistently. Look through our selection of string trimmer components and accessories.

Straight-shaft vs. curved-shaft trimmers


Curved-shaft string trimmers have grown in popularity among homeowners. However, most experienced landscapers and lawn care professionals agree that a straight shaft is easier on the back and more controlled and reliable. A straight trimmer might also help you reach under shrubs and small trees.

There is no clear right or wrong answer here. If you don’t already have a trimmer, you may rent one of either style to test which works best for you before investing in one.

Do you travel right or left as you spin?


Many homeowners are unaware that some string trimmers are designed to be used to the left and others to the right. This knowledge might help you avoid harm and keep rubbish out of your flower beds. A trimmer expels waste from its cut path in the same way that a saw does. When you turn your trimmer counterclockwise, the material is ejected from the left side and cut with the right. Hold your right side closer to the weeds if you’re traveling down a sidewalk, curb, or low fence to allow the tool’s head to cut and expel to the left. If you go the other way, you’ll discharge stuff into the cut lane, where it has nowhere to go. It will accumulate along the cut line, slowing the trimmer and causing scalping. If your head spins clockwise, the opposite is true. Finally, knowing which direction to travel is just as vital as knowing which direction your trimmer is spinning.

Tapering, edging, scything, and screening are all cutting processes.


Trimming your lawn uniformly appears to be a simple task. Hold the string trimmer above the lawn, and the spinning string will do the rest, right? No, unfortunately. This is not an excellent way to do it because it will cause severe scalping, hurting your grass.

It’s important to know that the cutting power of your trimmer is at the ends of the string. Allowing these tips to move more quickly increases the likelihood of getting the desired results. You may unlock essential skills to turn an untamed tool into a precise machine by using a few tricks and tools of the trade.



Tapering is a way to cut your grass so that it gets shorter and shorter as it gets closer to curbs, retaining walls, fencing, and trees. If you’re mowing correctly, your mower deck should be set at 3-3 1/2 inches. This allows you to transition from mowed grass to more sculpted near-objects without cutting too close and ruining your lawn. To experiment with tapering, tilt your trimmer head slightly. Tip the string in the direction of the thing you’re trimming toward when you angle it. You’ll cut less grass and leave a neat, tapered edge that blends with the height of the trimmed lawn.

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