How to Expand Your Social Circle

New to the city? New to the job? Newly single? Or just feeling like you want to get out of your shell? If you’re looking for new friends, it can be difficult to know how to meet new people and expand your social circle. However, there are certain ways you can make it easier on yourself—and make some new friends in the process. With these steps, you’ll find that meeting new people and making connections will come easier than ever before!

Buy a dog

Dogs are a great way to meet new people. When you bring your dog out for walks, it’s easy to strike up conversations with other dog owners—just make sure your pooch is well-behaved and friendly. Dogs also provide unique opportunities for photo ops: You can post photos of your pups on social media or simply share cute shots with other friends and family members. This makes an especially cute idea if you live in a small community where not everyone knows one another!

Join a club

Joining a club or social group is another great way to expand your social circle. Whether it’s a community theater group, book club, or sports team, getting involved in a group with like-minded people will help you make new friends. You can also try attending events at local businesses and organizations—you never know who you might meet! If there isn’t an event that piques your interest, think about starting one of your own. It may take some time for word to spread and for others to join in on the fun, but if you stick with it, you could soon find yourself surrounded by interesting people and making new friends.

Go to events

Take advantage of your company’s professional development program and attend industry events. Conferences, seminars, workshops and classes are great ways to network with other people in your field. By expanding your network, you’ll be able to broaden your circle of professional contacts. When you meet new people at these events, be sure to find out if they have any friends or colleagues who might also be interested in expanding their social circles.

Meet friends through friends

Making friends is easier when you already have a friend. Look for people in your network of current friends and family who know people you might like. This way, they’ll introduce you while you can let them know what kind of person you’re looking for. For example, if someone knows someone who loves running like me, they might introduce me to that person or vice versa so that we can run together.

Network online

Take advantage of your existing network and introduce yourself to others online. You can add friends on social media, follow other people in your field, or join a group that interests you—these are all great ways to expand your social circle. If you’re introverted or shy, try making new friends through an online forum. Remember: It’s a numbers game; when you meet ten people, one of them is bound to be a great fit for you. Use free informative tools on Google. Twitter character counter is one of them which is used to check the density of keyword.

Ask people if they know anyone else you should meet

If you have a friend who has friends (and so on), it’s time to put that acquaintance network to work. Say, Hey, I just moved here and am looking for more people in my industry/profession. Do you know anyone else? But don’t stop there—you can use social media as well. Ask your current network if they know anyone you should follow, connect with, or follow up with. And don’t forget about local events!

Introduce yourself to strangers

If you are in gathering introduce yourself with strangers. Say hello to them. Take the initiative. When walking into a room of strangers, most people stand off to the side and assess the landscape. Who’s there, who looks friendly and approachable.

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