How to Eliminate the Last Cigarettes That Resist?

When you stop smoking, some cigarettes are more difficult to eliminate than others, such as those in morning coffee. We like to do without them, but they resist. Finally, it is not them who are resisting. It is us, unwittingly of our own free will. How to get rid of it? This question will lead us to take an interest in our brain. He is very clever, but also very “stupid” on certain subjects.

Why do they resist?

There are several reasons linked to the way our brains function when they become addicted to nicotine. With the vape, we try to tell him “look, it is going to be fine, you have your nicotine”. Most of the time, it works. Many CBD product manufacturers have started producing e-liquids in the best E-Liquid packaging with convincing information to help you quit smoking. But not all the time. Sometimes, it wants a cigarette and nothing else.

It is because tobacco cigarettes are devilishly effective at delivering their share of nicotine, more so than vaping. As smokers or former smokers, we are well aware of this effectiveness. Consider a situation in which we have not smoked for a few hours. We feel a powerful withdrawal. With a cigarette, barely three or four puffs, that is it. Our brain is calm now. With vape, it takes more time (it depends of course on the material and the nicotine rate, we will come back to it precisely).

Our brain knows it well: when he feels a lack, it is certain that only a cigarette can satisfy him.

It is largely at times, in the morning, after stress, or just with coffee after a meal. Our brain does not trust vaping at all. He wants a cigarette. Sometimes he becomes hysterical, and it is difficult to resist him.

1. Use the right amount of nicotine for you

It is the first thing to do. Many vapers, at first, would like to quit smoking and decrease their nicotine addiction quickly. That is understandable, of course, but it is not a realistic idea. It increases the chances of the brain becoming hysterical and uncontrollable.

The strategy of vaping is precisely not to do everything simultaneously. First, we manipulate our brain, giving the nicotine he is used to making him forget about cigarettes. If you use a lower than usual nicotine level to start vaping, it may be fine for a while. Our brain does not react. But after a few hours, sometimes a few days, even a few weeks, he will suddenly start screaming “I want a cigarette”.

Often, it is in a specific situation, particularly related to his consumption habits. Typically, coffee, an evening with friends, stress can increase the need.

Willpower or not, it is really hard to resist him at such times.

2. Vape before you feel the withdrawal

The right nicotine level for us is the first step, but he is always wary: he knows very well that vaping is not a cigarette, and he feels that the diffusion of nicotine is slower. He does not have the confidence yet, and when he is craving, he risks going into hysterical mode. Not to let it come to this, it is useful to vape earlier, before feeling a withdrawal. It sounds silly, but it works well: as long as our brain does not feel too much lack, he remains fairly calm. So, at first, it is a good idea to vape a bit all the time to the bluff brain and not let him think of cigarettes.

Our brain threatens to crack: vape!

Sometimes, you have not been able to vape for a while, and your brain starts to get hysterical. You are about to light a cigarette, borrow one from a passer-by, steal a cigarette, but the brain is cracking up. In this case, give it a go, vape, with conviction, until the urge passes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. If vape has a power setting, now is the time to crank it up a bit to take in more nicotine.

Let us be clear, sometimes the brain wins. It is okay as we tried. Gradually, we will feel the need to come sooner, and we will win more and more games. Our brain will start to admit that yes, this e-cigarette works quite well, and we will. We will have calmed our brain down when it was about to break down, and it will be a great victory to savor.

Forget about smoking

It is a classic quitting strategy, with or without the vape. It is about putting yourself in a situation where you are focused on something, and you cannot smoke. The idea is to get our brain out of his automatisms “a break, and presto, a cigarette”, “a phone call, and presto, a cigarette” to replace them with “a break, and presto, I vape”.

Vape offers an advantage here: you can find a place where it is not possible to smoke, but where it is possible to vape: your office, your living room, a bistro (inside, not on the terrace, of course). Our brain is more comfortable with not smoking in this situation, or he already knows that you do not smoke. On the other hand, if you are used to it at work, avoid going out with smokers for the break. It is fun to chat, but sometimes it is a little too tempting at first. Many packaging stores offered the facility of customization on packaging boxes to mention all of your ingredients.

In summary

Eliminating the last resistant cigarettes is a battle with the brain to gradually gain confidence in vaping. It is important to understand that nicotine is your best ally in this rehabilitation: use a sufficient rate so that your brain does not become too insistent. Vape as much as you need to, until he gives up, finally admits that yes, vaping is as effective as cigarettes.

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