How to create Aha moments faster?

Most website visitors form an opinion on any website in a few seconds. Based on their first impression they decide whether they want to stay in the page or not. Similarly, when it comes to a mobile app, most users will become either inactive, or delete their app within a few months of downloading it if they find nothing interesting there.

Hence, it is kind of a mission to make sure that the first impression of a product has to be positive so that the users can easily realise its value and application. If a product team is successful in guiding users to get a clarified idea of how the product works and what are its benefits then it becomes easier to retain the customers there. The moment in which the user gets the clarity of the product and knows that it is of use, that particular moment is known as the aha moment.

What is the “Aha!” moment?

This moment happens when a customer first recognises the value of the product as mentioned above. It mostly takes place during the user on boarding experience phase, where the customer can interact with the product for the first time. The moment can also appear at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

An aha moment can trigger a positive emotional reaction among the customers and also make them realise, how a product has solved their issue or answered them a question or helped them to learn a new skill. The task that a team completes is aligned with the core value of the product. This particular moment is exciting not because they have completed a simple task. It is exciting because one can acquire a new skill or solution which can improve either their personal life, or their work flow.

Importance of Aha Moment

Finding a product’s aha moment can also allow the product team to benchmark the time for value for the application. The faster a user can find the moment in a website or an app, the more likely they will continue to use the platform. If a team understand what is the average time that a user takes to get the moment of clarity, they start to improve on metrics. It can enable the product team to optimise their UX, on boarding and overall journey. Product adoption is what an aha moment looks like and if one wants to get a better sense of it, here are a few examples:

  • In case of Uber app, it is about finding a ride within few minutes. The moment an individual downloads this app, they get an understanding of the benefit of this app when they get their first ride.
  • In apps like Netflix and other OTT platforms, it is all about finding something to watch within a minute.

How to find the Aha Moment for your Product

It should be a simple task for a product team to find the aha moment and hence it should be intuitive for the users to find it as well. If finding it becomes too difficult, then the users can give up before accomplishing it and so they will fail to realise the value of the product.

Here are a few steps to follow:

  • One should start by diving right into the product analytics. This will show actions that users took and led to the actions and retention. One can record the data with the help of a spreadsheet or with the help of a data visualisation tool.
  • Reach out and talk to users in order to gather qualitative feedback to validate and supplement the product. If the number from the product data shows a correlation between specific user behaviours then they can dig into more details. To get the feedback, one can ask questions like what is the most one likes about the product and which feature they find it to be more valuable.

Different customer has different personas and they have their own paths and journeys. One should try to drive their target customers to their aha moments much faster by personalising their journey. One can also create personalised user experiences by making  separate groups of different types of users.

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