Evolution of Advertising Voice-over Style – From Loud and Booming To Soft and Conversational

Time is the strongest force and change or evolution are the undeniable laws of nature. Simply put, things keep changing with time. Evolving into more effective versions of itself. So is the case with voiceovers. In the early days, the announcer style with polished loud, and booming voices were ruling the voice-over world. And now the soft tone with conversational style is prevailing.

The big thing in voice-overs was that booming voice – the very refined voice-over. The announcer type, sturdy and kind of shouting-at-you type of delivery and feel. That was once upon a time when people listened to it. And purchased and that’s was the style to drive sales.

But times have changed, and so have the selling tacticsMost people are no longer apt to listen or enjoy listening to the very polished, loud, booming voice. Let alone believing in the message that is deliver. People today are more inclined to respond to businesses that focus on transparency, uprightness, and being real, with their marketing strategies.

The trend has definitely penetrated the voice-over world and has been there for some time. The booming voice-over and announcer type of sounds have largely replaced with something very casual and real.

Does that mean an end to the booming announcer voice-over style?

Well, to start with, the answer is no, the loud announcer-style voiceovers are still quite popular. And in-demand at places like – sports, car commercials, etc. Sports announcers prosper with this style and are especially like when their voice echoes around the stadium or the arena. In the automotive industry, this booming style of the voiceover is still very popular. In addition to that many furniture and mattress brands also use this hard-sell approach. Even the big announcer-style voiceovers are loud and all, they still need a certain degree of cordiality and clarity. On top of that, the voice artist has to characterize the information. Or the core message as the most important part of it all.

But yes, we can not deny the fact that announcers and loud booming styles of voiceovers have recessed to quite some level. Nowadays, most TVCs or television commercials have a soft and conversational style of voice-over. People, in general, have started resonating more with this new style. And the ads are performing way better with the latter than the former style. The conversational tone of the voiceovers makes the messages more believable and the audience finds it relatable.

Engaging advertisement make business boost

A casual tone for an engaging advertisement voice over makes your business easier to engage with. Easy to get to language helps brands sound. Like they are drive by actual humans instead of boardrooms full of unknown investors. An ad with a conversational tone voice-over can also be more innate for viewers or listeners to consume. You can notice this often in commercials for industrial or niche products. These places prefer to use everyday speech to explain complex and technical ideas. And lower the barriers to allow for viable engagement.

Conversational voice-over is essential to commercials now. Using multiple tones makes it easier for people to understand ads. Therefore, adding in a nip of casual tone is the logical thing to do.

Conversation-style commercials make people feel like they are listening to organic dialogs rather than reading a script. For example, if a stay-at-home mom hears the people in your diaper commercial speaking. Like she naturally does, she is more likely to connect with your brand. If your content is so heavy that it sounds like a technical description. She will probably look elsewhere for the nappies.

Benefits and encouraging advertise

The soft conversational style voiceovers use – directly telling benefits and encouraging people style; or creating a relationship by asking people have they ever done a particular thing. These approaches are in conversational style directly attack the thoughts and emotions of the audience making them engage with the ad. While conversational style is prevalent these days, this voice-over style needs to be handled with care as at any time it can sound over-casual or over-friendly. It needs to naturally sound like two or more people talking to each other in the given situation.

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