5 Best Ways to Earn with Cryptocurrency

Are you, like many others, looking to make extra income online? Well, cryptocurrencies offer a great opportunity for anyone who wants to earn online without dedicating a lot of their time or money. There are many ways to earn with crypto, some of which require your active presence while others do not.

One good thing about the crypto market is that it is full of innovations. Because the competition is always so high and many new cryptocurrencies are coming in daily, developers are constantly making new innovations and offering more and better ways to earn with cryptocurrencies. Irrespective of what some people might think, it is actually possible to earn with crypto, given that you choose the right coin and stay invested.

There are also methods by which you can earn with crypto without taking a lot of risks. We’ll discuss all these and some more in this article liquidity provider aggregator.

How to earn with crypto – top ways to earn with cryptocurrency


One of the best-proven ways to earn with crypto is holding (or HOLDing as they say in crypto language). It refers to acquiring high-potential cryptocurrencies and then holding them for the long term, giving the crypto sufficient time to realize its full potential. Holders would sell only when their holdings hit the target value.\

New-age cryptocurrencies like the SEEK COIN with proven growth potential and a systematic value increase mechanism are the best to HODL. 

2. Trade Crypto

Or like many others, you can trade cryptocurrencies, which is a rather riskier option and might require considerable funding on your part. The idea is to buy a large number of coins (preferably the ones with high validity) at a low price and then sell them within hours or a day as soon as the price goes up. As I said, this method of crypto monetization involves significant risk and is not for the faint-hearted.

You can trade crypto on leading exchanges like Uniswap and Binance. Make sure to understand your risk appetite before you get into cryptocurrencies.

3. Dividend-paying Crypto

A new online earning phenomenon that has been getting a lot of buzz lately is acquiring cryptocurrencies that pay dividends to the holders. Cryptocurrencies like the SEEK COIN will pay you recurring, real-time dividends for simply holding the crypto. The platform’s revenue, which comes from transactions, is shared back with the holders in the form of real-time dividends that are credited to the linked wallets of respective users for every transaction that occurs in the system. It is one of the best, risk-free and assured ways of earning with cryptocurrencies.

4. Airdrops

Many new crypto projects and platforms give free tokens away to anyone for basic tasks including promotion of their token on social media and online communities. If you’d like to earn free tokens, which can be converted to money later or traded on exchanges, airdrops are a really great way to do that. Just keep yourself updated with new tokens coming in the market and find ways to get involved with them through referral, airdrop or other means.

5. Staking

Staking is just like mining, but you don’t need all the fancy hardware or machines to do that. For staking, all you have to do is acquire some coins and keep them in the smart contract of the particular project. This will help the blockchain network confirm more transactions at a faster rate. For your holdings or staking, you’ll receive a part of the transaction fee for every transaction that occurs in the network. Some networks might involve you to actively participate in transaction verification in order to earn through staking.

So, now that you know about the best ways to earn with crypto, which one did you like the most?

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