A Complete Guide of Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan to sizing Butterfly Valves

A guide of Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan where you can read about sizing and selecting a high performance Butterfly valve base on physical parameters, pressure ratings, and international standards.

High performance Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan as well as tight shut offs are use in piping systems. It is also use for flow control service. Butterfly valve manufacturers believe that these valves are manufacture with high precision, meet multiple quality control standards, and have unique features suitable for high pressure and high temperature requirements.

Therefore, as a buyer, the right size, gauge and selection of a high performance butterfly valve will undoubtedly ensure an accurate and reliable fluid supply. Choosing the exact dimensions and measurements of your control valve can greatly improve your plant’s efficiency. This is in line with the trends of overall business profitability and high return on investment. The Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan describes how to accurately measure and sizing butterfly valves in applications and piping.

Butterfly valve structure

First, Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan will briefly explain the basic components and structure of a butterfly valve, and then explain how to measure them. Butterfly valve is a 1/4 turn valve that initiates liquid pressure and controls flow. There is a thin metal plate that goes around the stem, and the opening and closing mechanism allows and limits the flow of medium between the upstream and downstream tubes.

AWWAC504 for Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve

This is the butterfly valve designate by the American Water Works Association for use in the drinking water process. This standard is intend to specify the dimensions of AWWA rubber seat Butterfly valves, so all measurement and testing procedures must comply with the requirements of this standard.

API 609 Lugs and Wafer Butterfly Valves

Manufacturers meet this standard in terms of straightforward design, materials and size standardization. It also describes temperature, pressure ratings, and check valves for different materials (gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, bronze, iron, and nickel).

So, the size range is as follows:

  • 2″ to 12″ WOG service with 200psi gauge pressure
  • Rate pressure can be from 14 inch to 30 inch gauge 150 psi with WOG service.
  • This standard also covers standard tests for bidirectional applications and air seals. The valves for the intake joints are manufacture to fit ANSI 125/150lb Flanges, JIS, DIN or BS flanges.

MSSSP-67 for universal valves

MSS SP-67 is the Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan standard for dimension list, test and marking. Fitting design covers standard size:

  • NPS (Nominal Tube Size) 1½ to NPS 72
  • UL1091 Safety Butterfly Valves For Fire Protection Services

UL 1091 covers the requirements for butterfly valves, especially those use in fire protection services. If you are designing a valve for this type of service, this standard requires consideration of appropriate dimensions, design, installation, and test requirements.

How to determine the size of the butterfly valve

Typical valve sizes range from 2 inches to 60 inches, but some manufacturers can go up to 96 inches. As mention earlier, this standard specifies the dimensions for the length and weight of a butterfly valve. Most valve manufacturers are clearly list in the catalog. There are usually ASME pressure classes (classes 150, 300, 600) from different manufacturers. Can provide pressures up to 1500 psi

Generally, when displaying “valve size”, it is in inches or millimeters. Refers to the valve diameter equal to the nominal diameter of the tube connect to the valve. This is an excerpt from Butterfly Valve catalog, which shows how to measure butterfly valves.

  • A Length – valve body length + rail end point
  • B Length – axis x center to end of valve.
  • C Length Valve Body Thickness C
  • F Length – the length of the key.
  • H Length – Leg Diameter
  • J Length – Aperture Size
  • K Screw size
  • L – number of holes
  • P – the diameter of the circle from the center of the intake hole.

If you plan to purchase a butterfly valve, you will need to ask the manufacturer for a catalog of a range of sizes to choose from. The manufacturer must provide a complete table of sizes and dimensions, such as:

Valve seat size measurement

The valve seat may need repair or replacement. This requires you to purchase the appropriate size upholstery from the supplier. You can follow this picture so that you can measure the size of the valve seat and remember to measure the valve seat with the caliper. For you to accurately measure


  • HS – diameter of the side hole, mm
  • TH – seat height, mm
  • CS – sheet thickness, mm
  • ID – the inner diameter of the sheet, mm
  • OD – the outer diameter of the sheet, mm

HVAC Companies in Pakistan manufacture high performance valves available in a variety of materials and end connections. It also meets OEM/ODM requirements.

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