5 Reasons CBD Is Great For Improving Sleep

Have you been scrolling on the internet on the nights you can’t seem to sleep, trying to figure out why that’s happening for the umpteenth time? Indeed, if you’ve done this, you’ve also tried to do internet research to find a solution to your insomnia and many sleepless nights. In your days and nights of study, you’ve unquestionably come across CBD and its “magic powers.”

Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD, is one of the significant active cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. When most people hear cannabis, they think of getting “high.” However, CBD is different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the ingredient that gets you “high” in cannabis.

Cannabidiol helps you attain and maintain a state of balance by interacting with the endocannabinoid system in your body. At the same time, CBD has a lot of health applications such as pain relief, relieving anxiety and depression, reducing epilepsy seizures, etc. CBD has been gaining traction for a while, and there have been different researches and studies made to grasp the extent of the benefits of using CBD for various health-related issues.

Nowadays, many people have difficulty sleeping due to prolonged screen time, excess work, anxiety, chronic pain, hormonal fluctuations, and many more. Research has shown that the risk factors for insomnia include age, gender, rotating work shifts, and many more. Losing sleep isn’t a great experience. Losing sleep makes your body function less effectively, you become drowsy, and your brain functions less.

Studies have shown that losing sleep over a long period makes you susceptible to serious health problems such as hypertension, excessive weight gain, diabetes, mood disorders, and many more. So, why not consider how to escape all of this with ease? There are many ways to improve your sleep, whether you have insomnia, sleep apnea, or other sleep-related issues. One of them is CBD.

Reasons You Should Use CBD TO Improve Your Sleep.

Many solutions to sleep-related issues have come up over the years as different people have had difficulty sleeping. However, a lot of these solutions are synthetic. As a result of the chemicals and formulations of these drugs and sleeping pills, there are often side effects on the person using them, especially when it’s constant. So, for this reason, people have considered different natural remedies for sleep-related problems. One of them is CBD.

CBD, whether it is in the form of CBD oil or capsule or any other form, as you already know, has diverse uses and benefits when it comes to human health. Sleep is one of them. Many scientists and researchers have made studies and findings regarding the effectiveness of CBD to improve sleep. So, here are five reasons why CBD is great for improving your sleep.

  • CBD Can Reduce Anxiety

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A leading cause of insomnia is anxiety. Anxiety involves constantly worrying all the time about many different things. Stress leaves you tense and worried, and the more often it happens, the more an anxiety disorder becomes. Now, anxiety doesn’t just happen during the day. The constant worry that anxiety brings can happen at any time, and because of this, anxiety attacks and the likes also come up. So, an anxiety disorder can prevent you from sleeping well or even getting any sleep at all.

However, research has shown that CBD reduces anxiety, thereby improving sleep. In this research, a study was conducted to confirm if CBD improves sleep and reduces anxiety.

  • CBD can reduce pain

Chronic and intense pain is another major cause of insomnia. Of course, falling asleep while a part of your body is in severe pain is almost impossible. This is why many arthritis patients and patients of other chronic pain diseases find it very hard to sleep. However, CBD has been proven to soothe chronic pain. CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic abilities. For this reason, CBD attacks pain quickly, making it easier for the patient to sleep.

  • CBD may reduce grogginess



Lack of sleep often makes you less functional with the day’s activities. At the same time, when you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to fall asleep during the regular wake hours or feel very sleepy and groggy during the day. This is regarded as excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Insomnia causes EDS and grogginess. However, a  review made in 2014 showed that CBD promotes wakefulness in humans.

  • CBD may reduce REM sleep behavior disorder

One of the problems associated with not getting enough sleep or any deep sleep is REM sleep behavior disorder. REM, which means Rapid Eye Movement, occurs when a person is asleep and dreaming. However, REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is where a person acts out tiger dress while sleeping. This is very common in Parkinson’s disease patients. CBD has been tested and proven to relieve this symptom as it prevents them from moving excessively, preventing sleep disruption and improving their sleep.

  • CBD is easier to get



Many medical practitioners, scientists, and health personnel recommend CBD due to its natural benefits that work in diverse ways with little or no side effects. This is why getting a prescription is easy, and you can buy CBD anywhere. There are different forms that you can get in. You can get it in CBD oil, capsules, dietary supplements, and many more. So, regardless of the form, CBD will work wonders to improve your sleep.


CBD is one of the top natural remedies for many mental and physical illnesses that many people are facing now. With its popularity growing day by day, CBD is proving more and more that it is the “holy grail” we think it is. CBD improves sleep by reducing many symptoms that cause insomnia or other sleep-related issues. CBD will work wonders for your sleep schedule.

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