Your guide to nausea

Nausea is a conundrum; you want to throw up, at the same time, you are unable to. Pregnant women are especially familiar with this sensation during their first trimester.

In this condition, one feels uneasy to the stomach. There are many reasons for one to feel nauseous. Some people feel nausea when they are car or seasick. Similarly, others feel nausea before becoming ill, or after eating something that unsettles their stomach. Other reasons for getting nauseous include gallbladder problems, indigestion, and pain. Moreover, mental health problems like stress and anxiety can also lead to this condition.

The impact of nausea is not just on the stomach. It completely hijacks the mood. It can also cause one to feel sickly, weak, and may even sweat.

However, it is important to mention that if you are unable to decide why you are suffering from nausea, you should visit a Gastroenterologist in Lahore, as it may be a harbinger of something more serious.

Dealing with nausea

Not every cause of nausea is a cause of special concern. It can mostly be managed at home, with little care. Some helpful things to do include:

Avoid triggers

There are cues other than food that can make your nausea worse. Some people’s nausea gets worse with stuffy rooms, heat etc. Hence, pay attention to these signs and try to steer clear of them during the bouts of nausea. This trick is more effective for recurring cases like pregnant women, as identifying a pattern is easier.

Avoid certain foods and scents

The food and scent triggers can be entirely subjective. Some foods can trigger your nausea and make it worse; many people so with rich foods like desserts. However, spicy, and fatty food can also aggravate nausea, as they impose on the digestive system, which is already not working so well.

Similarly, certain scents can also rouse nausea, making it worse. Most often, strong scents lead to this response, and can be literally anything; from food to perfume to miscellaneous scents around the house like that of the detergent can make you queasy then.

Stay hydrated

Even though you do not want to eat or drink anything when accosted with nausea, you must still stay hydrated. It is even more vital to drink enough water than you have vomiting and nausea, as the former can lead to dehydration.

However, do not take big gulps, as that can overwhelm your already fragile system. So, take small sips, with little breaks, so your body is able to deal with the fluid easily.

Alongside water, you can also take some ginger ale, lemon water, mint, and ginger tea.


Being very active can lead to the symptoms of nausea getting aggravated. Therefore, in order to recover quickly, without nausea taking much toll on your body, then you should take it easy and rest.

Treating nausea

Alternative therapy

Certain alternative therapies can also be of help. One trick to try is acupressure. In this ancient Chinese medicine, pressure is applied at specific points in the body, known as pressure points.

Moreover, ginger is also known to be effective for treating nausea. So, you can try ginger tea to soothe your stomach as well.

Some people also benefit from aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment mechanism, which involves using aromatic oils for the healing of the mind and the body. Cannabis is also used by some people to treat nausea, however, pending research.


One can take medication as well to help with the symptoms of nausea. There are different formulae out there that can help against it; antacids can help especially when the nausea is accompanied by heartburn.

Other over-the-counter medications to take include bismuth sub-salicylate, and a concoction of glucose, fructose, and phosphoric acid.

If your nausea is bad enough, you can also take prescription medication. However, for that, you have to visit your Gastroenterologist in Metropolis Health Hospital

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