Why Dark Mode Web Designs Are Becoming More And More Popular?

Recently, the dark website display mode has gained popularity among users all over the world. The number of subscribers is so large that Google is currently offering you the “Night Eye” feature that allows you to use Dark Mode on any website as long as you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

However, its popularity is still growing as many web mobile development use this new design feature exclusively to give users a different experience than traditional web designs.

According to a recent report from Built With, approximately 1,028 websites have used Dark Theme to attract customers, 340 of which are active websites, while 688 websites have used Dark Theme in the past. In addition, Get Polarized recently conducted surveys on various social media platforms to understand user preferences for dark mode or dark themed interfaces.

It turned out that most of the users gave an overwhelming response and agreed that the change was noticeable. With this information in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the main reasons why dark mode web brand design are becoming increasingly popular.

1) Adopted by the technology giants:

To consider Google the ancestor of dark mode would be too biased. In fact, many of the early PCs with monochrome CRT monitors displayed greenish text on black screens, but recently it was Windows Phone 7 that reintroduced dark themes and backgrounds in 2010.

Right now we have major tech giants and popular areas that have actively embraced “Night Mode”, giving customers and their users the flexibility to change their display preferences at will.

These include big names like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, Samsung’s One UI, Apple iPad and iOS 13, and Android 10’s shadow mode, to name a few.

2) Influenced by developers and programmers:

While dark mode is becoming more popular with users lately, people seldom realize that program developers and programmers who design UI among other things have long been working on this topic.

In fact, this dark mode design was the standard look for most coding text editors. In fact, some of the most popular coding text editors like Atom, Sublime Text, Brackets, and Visual Studio Code use dark themes.

Hence, it’s pretty easy to see why programmers and developers can influence this transformation from this perspective. Additionally, according to a recent study published by, over 70% of software developers use dark-theme IDEs, and dark-theme downloads are almost always in the top 10 themes based on general demand.

3) Friendly to users’ eyes:

It seems that biology is at play when the preferences of dark subjects are further explored based on their effect on users and their eyes. The mechanics are simple. When we see plain text on a dark screen, the iris of our eyes becomes charged. It needs to be enlarged much more than a white screen.

Therefore, in the dark display mode, the pupil of our eyes enlarges, which requires more effort to focus on things.

This is confirmed by statistics on astigmatism, a condition that affects nearly 33% of the American population. At the same time, however, dark mode is best when the reader of a device has poor lighting conditions and does not prefer not to read large chunks of text.

4) The boldness of text or just mood:

While the argument for using dark text on light backgrounds is pretty strong, the argument that it makes the experience more difficult for some is also true. This is because most users spend their days staring at bright white screens, which can cause digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain is defined as a group of vision problems that result from prolonged use of a cell phone, computer, e-reader, or tablet, to name a few. As a result, many users find the change much more acceptable and pleasant. This allows them to sink into the dark and protect themselves from the brilliant white light that makes people feel like they are looking directly into the sun.

While the dark theme doesn’t make the text bold, there are times when it provokes the opposite reaction when the letters are bleeding, the dark mode is more of a mood than just a function. According to the results of a recent survey on Medium, around 82.7% of respondents said they prefer to use dark mode on their devices.

5) Less battery consumption:

During the Android Developer Summit 2018, one of Google’s solutions for developers to reduce battery consumption was to introduce the dark user interface. Google researcher claims that night mode can save drums.

That finding is shared in a story published by XDA Developers that claims that a dark theme can reduce battery consumption on AMOLED displays by up to 63%, even at maximum brightness. In addition, you should take into account that white pixels consume more power and brightness has a linear effect on both power consumption and battery life.

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