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Why are blue light glasses important for working professionals?

Nothing can replace a night of good sleep. Sleep is very necessary as it helps our body to be active and energised. A proper sleep along with a proper diet helps to keep our body fit and healthy. Drinking a cup of coffee can give you energy for a certain period but cannot replace the need for sleep for the body. Too much intake of caffeine is not good for the body as too much caffeine harms our body and takes away sleep. This is one of the reasons that growing adults lack proper sleep and thus harm their bodies slowly.

According to some studies, most men and women lack proper sleep of 7 hours and this leads to chronic conditions like high blood pressure and heart diseases. Hence to protect our body from such diseases and to stay healthy, a person must sleep 6-8 hours a day.

The same study showed that increased exposure to blue light in daily lives disturbs our sleep. The kind of blue light that emits from electronic devices like computer screens, mobiles, laptops, and others. This has been closely linked with the damage to the eyes with the blue light as during the night time the blue light exposure is more and disturbs the sleep by producing lower levels of melatonin, a hormone responsible for proper sleep. 

Though it is very easy to say that we should avoid using those devices at night and before bed, the reality is that we get time during the night after the whole busy day. This is because we find some relaxation from our busy day and check out different things on these days. Then what is the solution for that?

How do Blue light blockers work?

The only solution to these is the blue light glasses. It is very important to protect our eyes from such harmful lights and thus these blue light blockers help to do so. Before we get to know how these glasses work, let us understand how this blue light affects our sleep. 

Blue light interacts with the photosensitive cells found in our eyes. Thus with several factors and processes, this blue light enters in and damages the cells of our eyes. It is thus important to take proper care of our eyes.

  • For the night shift

People also work the night shift. Thus during the night shift, they are more exposed to the blue light. This is because the maximum time they spend in front of the screen and the harmful rays affects their body and eyes. They get more drained easily as they have to dedicate themselves to the screen work and during the night the exposure to blue light is more than that of the day. This affects sleep to a great extent and people lack sleep and tend to move towards caffeinated drinks to discard sleep and feel less tired. Hence turning on the blue light filter and wearing blue light glasses can help in the sleep and also protects our eyes from the harmful blue light rays.

  • For the day shift

People working during the day are also not free from the blue light rays. In the daylight too, people are working sitting in front of the screen and are exposed to the blue light. If we see the time we spend in front of the screen is more than what we spend at night. But if we calculate the time, we will find that it is more or less the same for both day and night people. But for night shift people the risk is more for blue light as the blue light emission is more. One should check out Specscart’s YouTube channel  for tips about how to get rid of blue light using blue light glasses.

Thus for people working in front of the screen for a very long time and their screen time is very high, they should follow some tips and tricks for better eyesight and better health.

  • Take some break in the middle of the work. Stretch out, go for a walk for about 10 mins and relax your body. It is very important to take a break as our body also needs some rest.
  • Keep your eyes out of the screen and give your eyes some rest. When taking a break, develop reading a book. This will help you to gain knowledge and increase your learning skills.
  • When in the office, take some breaks and interact with your colleagues and friends. This will help you to increase and improve your communication skills as it is very important to have good communication skills and this is one of the natural ways to increase your skill and also to gain knowledge from different people. The more you interact with unknown and knowledgeable people, the more you gain from them.
  • This also increases the listening skill of a person as the more you listen the more you get to know so many things and this will also help you to gain knowledge and experience from people.

Hence one should be very careful and take care of their eyes from the harmful blue light rays that affect our eyes and damage the eye cells. Go for a free-eye test to Specscart and get your blue light glasses soon so that your eyes get the best soon.

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