Where is safe to travel now in January 2022?

For two years, Covid-19 has had us all stuck in our homes, searching for cheap plane tickets we cannot even make use of. The fear of this miniature organism has locked us up for a long time, but as the world emerges almost victorious from this fight, both avid and occasional travellers once again turn their faces towards touring their favourite parts of the world. 

As we solidify our feet on the world again, it is time to look or book cheap flight tickets in UK once again. But the threat is not over yet. Even now, there remains fear, not only due to the emerging variants of the coronavirus but there is a deep-rooted fear of terrorism as well as climate change. Therefore, it has become extremely necessary to choose the perfect place to visit next year and we are here to help you through it all. Feel free to choose from these locations as they are the best the world has to offer, safe from Covid and security breaches!


Iceland, more popularly known as the land of fire and ice among tourists, has been very successful in capturing the imagination of travellers who tour the world. The GPI ranking is what makes Iceland the next best destination for even nervous travellers. For eight consecutive years, Iceland has managed to snatch a first place on the GPI league table and has succeeded in doing so once again. It has excellent infrastructure and breathtakingly views and the fact that it has a very low crime rate makes it the ideal place to visit. 

The dramatic otherworldly landscape that spans Iceland is truly awe-inspiring. From malevolent volcanoes to ethereal glaciers to majestic fjords to bubbling hot springs, tourists are always blown away by all that they get the pleasure of witnessing in this enchanting country. The country’s excellent infrastructure and its well-connected road system are sure to impress any traveller in addition to the scenic views and highlights included in the road trip. If you do decide to visit, it is recommended that you certainly explore Iceland’s famous Ring Road.


The country’s relations with neighbouring North Korea and China may have a negative impact on its scores. However, with an excellent GPI, it remains one of the safest places to visit in the world. Not only does the country have a unique vibe, but it also offers a fascinating juxtaposition of races, cultures, and religions. What makes them stand out is the perfect mix of their traditional culture and the relentless modernity inspired by the west. There is no denying that Japan offers much to see and do, from the neon lights of Shibuya in Tokyo to the temples of Kyoto and everywhere in between. 

Japan also offers exemplary security which is evident in the fact that they have one of the world’s lowest crime rates. 

Moreover, Japan has an extensive selection of food types and items throughout the country. There is a multitude of dishes to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern dishes. Interesting fact? One could dine in a different restaurant with a different Japanese cuisine every day for a month and not have repetition! Does it get any better?


Scared of snakes, sharks, spiders, or crocodiles? The ones found in Australia may fascinate you! But only if 3-foot spiders tickle your fascination, otherwise we recommend staying wary of these creatures. But regardless of this, Australia rests comfortably amongst the safest countries in the world to travel owing to its high GPI scores. A trip to Melbourne will undoubtedly keep you entertained considering it is Australia’s trendiest city. You’ll also be able to enjoy Australia’s famous beach culture since surfing is readily available nearby.

The Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful spectacle that attracts tourists from everywhere. Divers from around the world flock to this diving paradise to complete their open water diving courses. It is because of the Great Barrier Reef that Australia is famous for its outdoor activities. Encompassing some of the prettiest coastal towns, Australia has become a must-visit for any traveller. Furthermore, since it has effective COVID restrictions, it is very safe and is perhaps one of the few places where you can go around without a face mask.  


Since Portugal is geographically located very close to countries such as France, Italy, and Spain, which have a large influx of tourism, it often seems to remain unnoticed by travel enthusiasts. In spite of this, the country still offers you beautiful unspoiled beaches alongside quite a rugged coastline.

Furthermore, due to favourable GPI ratings and a low crime rate Portugal takes its position as a very safe area to explore next year!

This country will never leave you wondering where to explore or what to see. Don’t know where to explore? Lisbon is the place! Have nothing to do? Take a ride on the ‘Ascensor da Glória’ or take a stroll on the streets of the Bairro Alto. It does not end here, a trip to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos captivates you. Marvel and be enthralled by one of the world’s biggest oceanariums or savour extremely delicious Portuguese cuisine. Getting a little too much? Might be time to run out of town and hit the peaceful beaches!


Due to the strict policies that aim to concentrate on rather ‘high-value’ tourists and due to the fact that Bhutan charges a rather hefty tariff just to elongate the stay, Bhutan has managed to protect itself from the rush of mass tourist activities. This quality makes it one of the few countries that are often not visited. However, for those who do decide to carry on with their journey, an unspoiled Himalayan kingdom awaits them in all its glory. And due to this, they have managed to retain much of the traditional way of life which is fun to encounter and learn from. It may not sit among the most inexpensive of places, but it surely ticks all the right boxes when it comes to safety. 

The spectacular countryside is scattered and embellished with traditional fortresses which are called dzongs. Their infrastructure is in accordance with the spiritual inspiration that is the high lama and interestingly enough, has been built void of any formal architectural plans. 


Regarded as one of the safest, most comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing countries of the world, having Malaysia on this list comes as no surprise. The country offers an efficient public transport system and a magnificent network of modern and well-maintained roads. Don’t be surprised if the locals speak better English than you though! The locals are very friendly and welcoming and help you adjust to the wide variety of experiences there are to offer. 

With time, Malaysia has become home to majorly three ethnic groups: Malays, Chinese, and Indians. It is a country filled with colour and vibrant festivals throughout the year. Are you Chinese and won’t be able to make it home for New Year? Malacca holds celebrations that might overshadow any traditional celebrations that you will find in China itself! Thanks to this blend of ethnicities, all culinary traditions flock together to make this country a dream for foodies. Feeling hungry? Georgetown located on the island of Penang is just the place to find a huge wealth of restaurants and a wide array of food stands

Excited about your travel plans now? Surf the internet and click buy on the first cheap plane tickets you find because Reliance Travels has got you covered every single time! All these places are safe from covid due to their effective SOP’s and rank at the top for the safest areas! It is time to take in the beauty of the globe once again!

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