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What is the Distinction Between Wall Decals and Name Wall Stickers?

Home wall decoration is a big thing for people nowadays. No one wishes to lose the game of styling, especially when it comes to decorating the walls of their houses. There are great things that you need to consider when styling the walls of your house. Wall Decals and name wall stickers are some of the most crucial yet trendy items. These items work wonderfully to make your loving home look even more beautiful. 

Most people have confused about the appearance and formation of both wall decals and wall stickers. Well, here in this write-up, we will attempt to highlight the major changes between the wall decals and stickers. For a better and in-depth view of information, keep reading!

Stickers You Stick 

The title regarding the name wall stickers sums up everything in a simple yet understandable way. However, the stickers are typically the adhesive product that can be simply peeled off from the backing paper. It is peeled before you stick it on the cool place or desired location you have in your mind. 

Stickers are made using a range of materials and are usually printed over the PVC-vinyl or posters only. Most of the manufacturers use PVC-free material for the stickers due to its increasing demand. That’s because it is easy to reposition the sticker over the wall. So, you might have understood that stickers are pasted directly on the wall. Also, they gel up well with the backings to look alluring. 

Decals Transfers to Walls 

On the other instance, the galaxy wall decals are transferred simply from one surface to another surface. This also needs three different parts, and they are as follows: a backing paper, actual paper, and a transfer surface. For a better understanding, let’s take an example. 

Imagine a ham sandwich; it has bottom bread, and it is the backing paper, while the ham and cheese is the decal. Also, the top bread is the transfer. Then think of sticking the ham and the cheese over the wall via top bread only. Well, it would play the same role as a decal, and you can get a better perspective of the service. 

Decals usually consist of multiple parts, such as patterns or letters. That’s because the transfer surface makes it easy for them to be pasted on the wall. Also, with the same spacing as they were earlier designed to have. 

Decals are usually made from PVC-vinyl because they are applied to the places where you need the elasticity. Also, a vinyl decal, then it means it uses explicitly soft PVC-vinyl in manufacturing. People prefer the use of polyester material over PVC material to make an appealing view for the user. 

What Are the Major Differences Between Funny Truck Decals and Stickers? 

Intended Use

Stickers and decals have many similar qualities, but the major difference lies in their intended use. Typically you can use the stickers for illustrations and logos. You can use decals for advertising and decoration purposes on walls, windows, and floors. 


Another crucial factor that you need to know about is that they have a different lifespan. Decals have the longest lifespan, and stickers have the least lifetime in comparison to decals. On the other hand, if you are looking out for something that is easy to install quickly, then you can go for a sticker instead of a decal. 


When it comes to size, then stickers are small in size, and you can use them for the small sections of the walls or some products. If you want something that covers your wall and makes it look interesting, then using the galaxy wall decals would be a great idea. That’s because they are larger, and you can paste them on things such as windows, walls, floors, and vehicles. 

Decals are larger, and people use, purchase or order them in small quantities. A business might order one wall decal for their entire building to make it look extraordinary. 

Application Surface/Location

As stated above, the galaxy wall decals are a great decorative item for floors, windows, and walls. Hence, there are a number of multiple options that you need to have in your bucket. A decal is the one that goes on the floor, and it is quite different from the decal that would be pasted on the wall. A decal can be used anywhere, and it is more permanent in comparison to the name wall stickers

People use stickers specifically for small advertising formats, and they paste them on smooth surfaces for easy removal. Therefore, if you are on the chase for an item of apparel that is easy to install, go for stickers as they are perfect. People wish to decorate their study walls or the empty spaces between the picture frames on the wall with stickers to make it look more enchanting. 

Get the Desirable Wall Decals and Stickers Online

Whether you are purchasing wall stickers or wall decals, everything is available at online stores. Thus, all you should do is find a trustable place to purchase the wall stickers and funny truck decals. At VWAQ, we have brought and lined up the most desirable, attractive, and luxurious collection of products that will add charm to your house. Thus, to know better about our services or products in detail, strike at our website now!

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