What is reseller hosting? 7 facts about Linux reseller hosting

Facts about Linux reseller hosting – Behind every website, there is a server that provides the resources, bandwidth, and space to keep it running smoothly and effectively. Website hosting has changed the way websites work.

This is particularly true for Reseller Hosting. There are many facts about Linux reseller hosting that has allowed many websites their share of space online. 

Reseller hosting 

In reselling hosting, you resell the resources like disk space, bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and get a profit. In a cheap unlimited reseller hosting, you host third-part websites in the allocated space. 

Web hosting is a dynamic field in which customers have different choices for different requirements. 

Reseller hosting has two types: 

  • Linux reseller hosting 
  • Windows reseller hosting

These hosting types have some similar features but also come with distinct advantages. Both operating systems guarantee that your website will stay online day and night. 

While choosing a reseller hosting the first thing to decide is the operating system Windows or Linux. 

What is Linux reseller hosting? 

The Linux operating system offers optimal speed and performance. It is also compatible with MySQL and PHP. The hardware and software that are used in Linux reseller hosting have proven to be dependable. 

A Linux reseller hosting comes with many benefits, such as:


The online world can open up, a digital marketing business, to a security breach. Hackers can attack any website and steal valuable personal and financial information.

Before stepping into the digital world you need to know about the kind of attacks that can come your way and how your web hosting services provider is going to fight them. 

A cheap Linux reseller hosting offers some of the most reliable and secure defense against cyber-attacks, on the market. And if your website is a scripting language like PHP then Linux is ideal. 


If you want to have admin access to your website or want to customize it then Linux is the best choice. Even though both Linux and Windows offer customization of the website, Linux offers more features.

This makes Linux ideal for developers and admins who are looking for more administrational authorities. 

When you buy Linux web hosting, you will also get cPanel which will help you manage your website. It helps with the maintenance of the website, manages disk space, and makes backups without the support of the administrator.

This is a cost-effective solution and provides all the features needed to set up a website.  

A cheap unlimited reseller hosting like Linux allows you to install applications you want with just a few clicks. You can also manage multiple domains, create multiple databases for the websites. In this way, new email accounts can also be created.  


Nowadays, many businesspersons equipped themselves with great ideas but the lack of capital silence that idea. By setting up your website hosting business with cheap Linux reseller hosting, you will get an economical option.

With Linux operating system, you won’t need a large amount to set it up and operate. 


Too many websites are available these days and online customers have so many options. A website needs to be different and varied, to be noticed by customers. Several facts about Linux reseller hosting like its compatibility make a website unique and varied. 

With Linux, a wide variety of apps like WordPress and Joomla are used. These applications boost the website with blogs, e-commerce, and so many other features.  

Linux allows for the installation of more applications. Its high compatibility factor ensures that these applications run smoothly.   


Reseller hosting services are famous amongst the developers due to the stability they provide to their customers. When it comes to stability, Linux is a popular operating system.

As Linux is open source it can adapt to any kind of environment and can be developed and updated regularly. 


The global Linux community provides tremendous support to all the web developers who are working with Linux. If a customer of Linux gets a bug, wanted to add new functions, or modify applications, they can reach out to the community for help and solutions.  


Linux reseller hosting allows customers to run multiple applications at the same time without stopping anyone of them.

Linux reseller hosting is supportive, stable, compatible, and cost-effective. The benefits of Linux reseller hosting are substantial and make it famous amongst the developer community.

Customers who use cPanel Linux reseller hosting at Navicosoft can use allocated CPU resources, RAM, virtual memory, and entry processes. 

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