What is Feedback Boards: A Complete Guide?

What is a Feedback Board?

A feedback board is a web portal that facilitates gathering and organizing feedback. The internal team can utilize the feedback boards privately, or you can use them publicly with your customers.

Feedback boards are the central location for all your requests for new features, product ideas, and more when you want to establish an internal library of ideas from your team. As your team justifies why a concept is worthwhile to build, you can make data-driven decisions to construct products using feedback boards.

Feedback boards are helpful when you wish to gather suggestions from users of your product. You can quickly construct a feedback portal with a feedback board, give your customers access to the URL, and watch as consumer feedback flows in. Your feedback board may end up being the only location your consumers turn to for new product ideas if you maintain the correct level of awareness.

How Do Feedback Boards Work?

A product feedback management software offers a feedback board that functions in a way that enables you to gather all of your product reviews in one location. The feedback board is the principal repository for new feature requests, issue reports, and support inquiries. Community-building features on contemporary feedback boards include upvoting, commenting on, and subscribing to feature requests.

The entire feedback lifecycle process is now more open between the customer and the product teams because feedback boards include features like statuses, comments, votes, and other similar things.

When to Use a Feedback Board?

Using a feedback board should begin as soon as your product is launched. A feedback board is the finest thing you can use to develop a community and quickly earn client trust while you’re new to the business. You already have clients if you’ve already launched, and you must incorporate your clients while creating a product once you have any. In other words, right now is a perfect moment to start using a feedback board.

The sooner you concentrate on maintaining your user’s engagement and satisfaction, the better. Feedback boards are essential when it comes to retaining customers, encouraging participation, and creating a popular product.

Ideas for a feedback board

The following are innovative ways to use your feedback board:

Obtain Customer Feedback

A feedback board is most frequently used to collect user feedback. Your feedback board is open to everyone in this use case; anyone can add to it. Your consumers will utilize this area to vote for and suggest features in other people’s submissions.

Gain Insight From Beta-testers

Want input on a product or feature before you make it available to the general public? Make a feedback board where beta testers can post bug reports and enhancement requests as they experiment with your product.

Gather Opinions From Your Team

A feedback board can also be used to give your staff members a forum for sharing ideas and a chance to help advance the development of your business. You’ll need to set up a private board that only employees with a password or SSO may view to gather input from them.

Vote in Favor of Comments on Behalf of Clients

For your customer-facing personnel, establish a feedback board to gather suggestions in emails, support issues, and phone conversations. Every time an idea is raised again, they can vote for comments on behalf of customers, assisting you in identifying the most well-liked requests.

Benefits of Using Product Feedback Boards

One of the significant benefits of using feedback boards is that it unites your team, aid in developing a data-driven product plan, and foster customer community. In addition to this, employing a feedback board for your product has a tonne of other benefits.

Pros of Feedback Boards

  • Organize all internal suggestions, issue fixes, and requests for new features in one location.
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase client loyalty through openness
  • Create product features using customer feedback
  • Increase the rate of new feature uptake
  • Assemble a devoted customer base in one location
  • internal product roadmap published

What Tools Do You Need to Put Up a Feedback Board?

You need a feedback management software tool to assist you in quickly setting up a feedback board gateway for your product with little work.

Try Korrect

Korrect allows you to consolidate input, create product roadmaps, make new product announcements, and support knowledge-base-based feature uptake. You can accomplish this with little work, strong customer involvement, and weekly time savings.

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