Eager to start yoga but don’t know where to start?  Right below are some poses that are usually teach in vinyasa yoga classes. Just like any other kind of physical exercise, it is essential to exercise care and focus while practicing. Some tips are include here that will help you have a safe start.

  1. Upward Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana)

This pose strengthens the abdominal muscles and opens up the chest to assist posture improvement. It strengthens the shoulder, activates the abdominals for the protection of the lower back.

This pose is widely practice following Chaturanga within the vinyasa yoga setting. The following are the traditional alignment for this deep backbend. Shoulders placed across the wrists press the floor away so that your shoulders are off from ears. With chest moved forward, and lifted thighs, firm up through the legs and toes pointing. It is essential to know that this is a deep backbend and can be very stressful and tiring for some people at the beginning of the class because it demands flexibility, shoulder stability, and strength. Cobra pose is also an interesting option to the upward-facing dog position.

  1. Down Dog (Adho Mukha Shvanasana)

This is a great pose that stretches and strengthens the arms, wrists, calf muscles, and shoulders.

Begin with your knees and hands on the floor in a tabletop position. Spread your legs widely apart and your shoulders breadth apart. Spread your fingers wide. Hold close your arm bones into the socket and press the floor off from you while raising your hips into the air. At first, bend your knees to permit you to extend your spine. While keeping up with the length of your spine, gently straighten your legs and let your heels drop toward the floor. Take a stare between your feet. This kind of yoga pose involves your back being lengthen along its whole length. So take care not to allow your chest to remain downwards or make your back sunken.

  1. Plank to Chaturanga

This pose strengthens the entire body and builds the shoulder within weight-bearing stability.

This type of yoga is widespread within the vinyasa yoga setting. This sequence is usually repeate within the sun salutations that frequently come and the beginning of the class. It is often practice amidst each flow. It is essential to practice this pose, so as to avoid injury.

Set up for plank:

Firm up through the legs, tuck the stomach in to turn on the core muscles, and place your shoulders across your wrist. To transition to Chaturanga: push away the floor, hold close your shoulders into the sockets, with energy exerted to pull the thumbs toward each other and extend your sternum forward, fire forward unto your tiptoes so that your shoulders are farther away from your wrists. Bend your elbows into your side body so that your shoulders are nevertheless elevated than the elbows. Bear in mind that there’s often an alternative to lower down your knees as you transit from plant to Chaturanga.

  1. Cobra (Bhujangasana)

This pose stretches the abdominal muscles as well as opens up the chest for posture improvement. To practice this pose: lie on your front with your legs straightened. Firm up your leg muscles, and spread your feet hip breadth apart with your toes pointed at the back of you. Press down through the pubic bone in order, not to break down unto the lower portion of your spine. Position your weight unto your forearms. Make sure that your forearms are parallel to each other with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Ensure that your neck is extended while looking ahead. There’s also an alternative to place your hands beneath the shoulders and lift your hands off the ground as you rise into the pose to build up more strength in the upper back.

  1. Locust Pose (Shalabasana)

This pose strengthens and increases flexibility throughout the whole back of the body. This includes the spines, buttocks, legs, and all the muscles that enclose the ribs and upper torso.

Lie on your front making sure that your neck and forehead touch the mat, extend your arms forward with palms facing each other shoulder breadth apart. From up through your legs and drag your pubic bone downwards to the ground. Straighten your arms on an inhale while using the muscles lengthwise the back of the body to simultaneously elevate the chest and legs.

These yoga poses are beneficial, but that’s if only consistency is applied in the practice. Each pose should be held for at least 3 to 5 breaths to help relieve the tissues and enable circulation in the tissues. These poses when practiced in the morning help the mind and body get ready for the day. While practicing this pose in the evening, will help to ease the stress from the day’s activities and prepares one for a good night’s rest.

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