Treks for Photography in the Uttarakhand

Photography is a marvellous thing that reflects the utmost beauty and talent simultaneously within a click. To sharpen up photography skills, you need the best place with stunning scenery that matches your challenging skills. Maybe it is quite hard to search all over treks for the best photography. So that we come to make you get introduce to some treks for photography in Uttarakhand. 

Photography will surely rise by the place, and your tastes and skills care about them. You can capture many stunning scenic views about treks like streams, sky, stargazing scenes, bonfires and campaigns etc. A new world of creativity and an existing world with an enchanting beauty combination gives wings to your mesmerising talent that really would become one of the perfectly astonishing to experience.

Kedarkantha trek 

Kedarkantha trek is one of the well-known winter treks in India. This is one of the tremendous special treks which is accessible even during winters. A perfect trekking spot for starters of trekking to experience the best trekking to improve their trekking skills. Also, the best recommendable gateway, most especially for trekking. 

Your Trekking trip will introduce you to snowy capped ranges, mountains, vast flora and fauna species and make you fall into them. Kedarkantha trek is nestle with lush green meadows, Himalayan ranges, picturesque views, breathtaking landscapes, panoramic beauties etc. Everything such as these things will throw you into a heavenly world.

Valley of Flowers Trek

Valley of flowers trek stands at an altitude of 3500 meters. A vivid, narrowed landscape with flowers around it all creates blossoming in the face of visitors. You can find uncountable species of flowers, especially in the summer season, that offer a relaxing and pleasant mood. The nature that attracts you and overwhelms you with its mother beauty. The entire trek is waiting for you to offer a colourful more than a rainbow coloured park-like flower trek. It is also one of the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. 

You can find exotic flora and fauna and abundant photographic scenic beauties offered by nature. The entire trek of Valley of flowers trek is within the area of 87.50 sq kms. It is offering its best allowable time to Visit from Mid July to Mid August. The highlights of flora and fauna in this region is the vast variety of flowers, abundant medicinal plant species and endangered wildlife species.

Dzongri Goecha La Trek

Dzongri Goecha La Trek is another best suggestable trek for photography. It is standing to shower the praisable great culture and significance of Sikkim traditional cultures. You’ll stun by having a glance over the breathtaking landscapes and scenic beauties of Dzongri Goecha La Trek. Photographers can capture uncountable clicks over mesmerized long-staying pictures. The trek path is nestle with dense pine forests, magnolia trees, lush green meadows etc. The snow shielded mountains and snow region landscapes will blush your creativity to click the best photos. From here, you can take clicks of Mount Everest. 

The best allowable time to visit here is from March, April, and September to November. The highlights of this trek are highly unique landscapes, blue sky, abundant tree types and forest ridges.

Auden Col Trek

Auden’s Col Trek is situate in the Uttarakhand region, standing at an elevation of 5490 m. The starting point of this trek is Gangotri, and the endpoint is Gaurikund. The entire 75 km trekking period is 15 days. Auden’s Col Trek is connect with the Khatling glacier and JoginI glacier. The trail trekking would be at the height of 18,012 ft. Auden’s col trek is one of the toughest challenging treks with boulders, cliffs, endless glaciers, moraines, etc. 

This trek is only suggestible to the fit personalities and mentally strengthened trekkers. By all means, as they are going to experience the toughest and challenging and also adventurous. The best time to do the Auden Col trek is between June and September. In between, there are many highlights to look over, such as Vasuki tal, Musar tal, Himalayan ranges etc.

Markha Valley Trek

Markha valley trek is one of the best suggestable and visitable treks for photography. It is one of the popular name treks of Ladakh and the most enjoyable destination spot. It is bagging empyrean views and photography beauties to express the strong background of history. You can get introduce too many locals who treat you very well in the manner and heartwarmingly. You can have pics with them and get to know various unbelievable cultures and traditions. With your photography talent, you made all these introductions to many people. You can introduce the native lifestyle to the world, which is always waiting to accept and allow the new and the beauties of your destination. 

In addition, everyone realizes the photographer has got talent which was hidden until then. The overwhelmed trek around with its Nature beauties offers uncontrollable attractive likeliness. Its Best allowable Time to Visit the Markha Valley Trek is from June to October. The highlights of this trek are mostly Markha river, Himalayas view, Karakoram views, Hemis national park.

Trans-Zanskar Expedition

The Trans-Zanskar Expedition is nestled with beautiful scenic views of higher altitude Ladakh. The climate above here is salubrious, especially during summer. Most Zanskar expeditions are covered by snow during winters. The overwhelmed beauty is compared to Zanskar in that it makes you ponder things such as crystal clear lakes, rivers, terrains, high altitude mountain ranges, and visitors can grasp a stunning trip here with the overwhelmed beauty. You can find tranquil historical remote villages, best sightseeing views and breathtaking scenic beauties etc. You can achieve the most pleasant picturesque beautiful environment all around there without any doubt. 

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The best-captured views and scenic beauties are rooted over here to offer the best to all trekkers. You’ll surely undergo thrilling feelings and get crazy by everything here you are offered with. The best allowable time to visit the Trans-Zanskar Expedition is from July to September. The trek highlights are the most attractive scenic beauties and landscapes, storey monastery and Lahaul valley. 

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