How to Apply for a Personal Loan from Fullerton India App?

Emergencies walk in without any prior notice and demand immediate funds that could be missing. The only loan that tends to help in such times is a personal loan. You can get quick funds transferred to your bank account by applying for a personal loan. It just takes submitting an online application and uploading a few of your documents.

No more waiting in long lines and putting together the paperwork to apply for personal loans. The Fullerton App makes it easy to apply for a personal loan from anywhere and at any time. You don’t have to wait in long lines; all the processes can be done online. This includes verification and documentation as well as the transfer of the amount. For a painless loan application, follow the steps below from the comfort of your sofa.

What is the Eligibility for a Personal Loan?

The lender will check your credit score, age, and other information to determine your eligibility. To avoid rejection of your application, make sure you check the eligibility before applying. These are the eligibility criteria that are simple to meet.

  1. Age – The applicant must be more than 20 years of age to apply for the loan and must not be more than 60 years by loan closure. 
  2. Income – The minimum annual income of a salaried employee is 25,000, while salaried individuals must equate to profit in the industry. 
  3. Profession – The applicant can be any self-employed or salaried individual. 
  4. Credit Score – The credit score of the applicant must be above 750 to be eligible for the loan 
  5. Work Experience – The applicant must have a year of work experience with at least six months in the current industry 

Documents Required to Apply for Personal Loan 

After passing the eligibility test, you will need to gather the documents required for the application. These documents are scannable and can be uploaded to the instant loan request for verification.

  1. Identity Proof – For the proof of identity, government-issued IDs like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, driving license, or passport will be required 
  2. Address Proof – For the proof of address passport, utility bill – gas or electricity bill, Voter ID, driving license, ration card will be required 
  3. Income Proof – For the proof of income, three month’s salary slips and six month’s bank statements will be required 
  4. Others – Passport size photographs and other documents might be asked for as per your profile 

What is the Loan Application Process from Fullerton India App? 

The application process of the loan app consists of four easy steps. First, download the app by Fullerton India through the App Store or Play Store. Then, follow the easy steps below to apply for a hassle-free personal loan. 

  1. Create an Account – After you successfully download the app, you need to register yourself. You will receive an OTP on the number you shared and a few personal details like name, employment type, age, income, and address. You will also need to enter the bank details on the loan app to receive the Amount. 
  2. Upload Documents – In the second step, you need to upload the documents asked by the lender. Collect the documents beforehand to scan and upload them online easily. Check the documents required as per your employment. After uploading documents, click on submit. 
  3. Get Verified – After you have submitted your documents, rest assured. Within a few seconds, you will get to know if your application is approved. The customer care representative will contact you with further details about these checks. 
  4. Get the Amount Transferred – Lastly, the Amount will be credited after your application is approved and the lender shows a green flag to the Amount you asked for. You will receive the amount in the bank account you entered within 30 minutes of the loan approval.

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Applying for a personal loan with Fullerton Loan App is easy. If you wish to apply for a personal loan, check your eligibility and calculate the EMI using the online calculator. The calculation will help you find the right amount for your loan and the tenure you can go for. First, download the app. Then follow the steps to obtain the Amount when you need it.

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