How Easy Is It to Apply for LIC IPO in India?

Investing in some IPOs for the past few years has become very profitable. And with every upcoming IPO launch, new investors are getting attracted to the stock market. For example, the Life Insurance Corporation of India, also known as LIC, is soon coming out with its IPO. The LIC IPO will soon be the biggest initial public offering in the Indian stock market. So naturally, many new investors wish to apply for the LIC IPO, as LIC is one of India’s largest companies and India’s largest insurance provider. If you want to invest and apply for LIC IPO but need a helping hand, we are here to guide you. 

What Do You Require to Apply for an IPO?

Today, with the advent of online share trading, you can apply for an IPO from the comfort of your home. To apply for an IPO or invest in the stock market, you need a Demat account and a trading account. Your IPO shares or any shares get stored in your Demat account. At the same time, a trading account is mandatory to buy or sell shares. You can open these two accounts through a stockbroker. You should ensure that your stockbroker is SEBI registered. Some stockbrokers charge you an account opening fee to open these two accounts. Whereas to use the account, the service and brokerage charges may vary from stockbroker to stockbroker. IIFL Securities allows you to open a Demat account and a trading account for zero charges.  

You will have to submit digital copies of your PAN, Aadhar Card, and document to verify your address proof and bank details for opening the account. After you apply for a Demat account, the authorities will validate your submitted details. Once the verification process is complete, you get access to a trading platform designed by your stockbroker to conduct transactions and monitor your investment portfolio. In the case of IIFL Securities, the IIFL Markets App is your trading platform. 

3 Easy Ways to Apply for The LIC IPO

IIFL Securities gives its users three different options to apply for an IPO. These three options apply to every IPO, including the LIC IPO. 

Apply for an IPO through Whatsapp

You can apply for the IPO through IIFL Securities Whatsapp Channel 9892691696. First, you need to send a “Hi” on the number. Then, you select the “Apply for IPOs” and reply with the serial number of the IPO. After checking everything properly, select “Apply Now”. Then you place your bid by selecting the price and lot size and then tap “Go Ahead” to confirm your bid. 

Apply for an IPO Through the IIFL Markets App

You open the IIFL Markets App can and open the menu. You then Select “Invest” and choose the “IPO” option. Next, you select the IPO that you want to bid for, in this case, LIC. You then select the bid price and lot size and click apply. 

Apply for an IPO Through the IIFL Website

If you prefer using a desktop or a laptop, you can also apply for an IPO through the official IIFL Securities website. First, open the website and log in using your IIFL Demat account ID. Then click on “Markets”, followed by the “IPO” tab. A new tab will open where you can select the bid price and the lot size, after which you click apply. 

After selecting the applicable option in all three methods, you will receive a payment prompt notification. You select UPI. Enter details and make the payment. A successful bid for the IPO will result in a successful prompt notification. 

When Can I Apply for The LIC IPO?

Today, the opening and closing dates for applying for the LIC IPO are still not decided. However, this information regarding the LIC IPO and other upcoming IPO launches will be put up on the IIFL’s website. You will also receive a notification regarding the LIC IPO if you have opened a Demat account with IIFL securities. The price band for placing a bid, the minimum lot size, and other IPO details are still to be, and the trading platform will also update these details once they are out. So it is very easy to apply for an IPO, but before you decide to apply for LIC IPO or an IPO, it will always benefit you to do a little research about the company. You should know the company’s competitive strengths as well as its weaknesses.

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