Get An MBBS Admission In China’s Top Medical Colleges

Fee structure for Pakistani MBBS students in China in 2022-2023.

Fee structure for Pakistani students: The average annual cost of MBBS in China (bilingual university) is about 7-7.5 million including tuition, dormitory, and other expenses, so the whole estimated cost of MBBS is 45-50 million; while in direct English universities mentioned above, the annual cost is 9-10 million and about 70-80 million for the whole MBBS Admission in China, all fees depend on exchange rates.

MBBS in China Lowest fee structure 2022:

MBBS with the lowest fee structure in China for Pakistani students is only possible in bilingual universities.  The range of low-cost MBBS programs is between Rs 5.5 lakh to Rs 6.5 lakh per annum.  MBBS in China can be obtained by obtaining a W.H.O (World Health Organization) recognized medical degree through western medicine, clinical medicine program. The program offered by low-cost universities to study medicine in China is called “bachelor’s degree”: click to enroll in low-cost universities.

MBBS in China for Pakistani students

English mediation schools on the MOE list (according to the Chinese Ministry of Education) and the PMC list – A University

Get MBBS in China Application-MBBS-Online-China Guangzhou-Sichuan-University Kunming-Medical University

Here MBBS 2022 in China – specifications, updates, and guidelines

MBBS admission procedure 2022

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MBBS in China – Latest News

Features of MBBS in China

Medical university in China for Pakistani students

Cost and acceptance process (step by step)

Average cost and fee of MBBS program in China

Ranking/List of Universities in China

Cheap Universities in China

Medium-sized Universities in China

Recognition of PMC in Pakistan

MBBS Application Deadline

The September/Fall application deadline for Medical Education in Chinese Universities (MBBS) is now open. Most bilingual universities have returned to Chinese, but some still offer medical courses in English after the basic course (HSK4) and these courses should be taken with caution. All English-medium universities are accepting applications for admission in the fall. You should prepare all the necessary documents to get a place at the university of your choice as soon as possible.

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MBBS Tuition fee structure in China 2022, 2023.

MBBS Admission procedure in China

Updates on admission until 2022


MBBS Fee Structure in China 2022, 2023

Low-cost universities for MBBS admission in China 2022 – 2023

Low-cost medical universities in China

Jining Medical University China

China Hunan Medical University

Hunan Normal University China

Yujiang Medical University China

Guilin Medical University China

Dali University China

Hubei Medical University China

Secondary Universities in China

Recognition with PMDC in Pakistan

MBBS Admission Deadline

ITSA – 1301 | annual cost approx. 5,50,000/- rupees.

ITSA – 1302 | annual cost approx. Rs. 5,60,000/-.

ITSA – 1303 | Annual value approx. Rs. 5,85,000/-.

ITSA – 1304 | Annual value approximately Rs. 5,90,000/-.

ITSA – 1305 | Annual cost approximately Rs. 5,95,000/-.

 Average universities for MBBS admission in China 2022 – 2023.

The average number of medical universities in China

Gannan Medical University China

Yichun Medical University China

University of South China

Yangtze University China

Taishan Medical University China

Qiqihar Medical University China

Jiangxi Medical University China

Nanchang University

Shanxi Medical University

North Hebei University

The average cost of study at medical universities in China

ITSA – 1306 | Annual cost approx. 5, 80,000/-

ITSA – 1307 Annual cost approx. 5,84,000/-

ITSA – 1308 | Annual value approximately Rs. 5,90,000/-.

ITSA – 1309 | Annual value approximately Rs. 5,96,000/-

ITSA – 1310 | Annual cost approximately Rs. 6,000,000/-.

Other fees for MBBS in China 2022-2023.

Example of fee structure

Cost in Pakistan:

Consultation/implementation fees

JW202/visa letter + university application fees

Cost of meals/restaurant in China:

Monthly meal cost: 12,000 to 15,000 rupees per month

Air tickets:


Miscellaneous university fees:

Visa renewal, registration, health insurance, and medical examination in China:2600RMB/ 1st year are mostly included in these fee packages.

Visa renewal and medical insurance: 1400RMB/ included in the above fee packages from 2nd year onwards.

Important information:

After obtaining the MBBS degree in China, students must sit for the examination in their home country to obtain the professional license,


The PMC exam is conducted by the Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan and is mandatory for foreign graduates to practice in Pakistan.


AMC consists of two parts, and after passing the first part of AMC, employment opportunities in Australia open up.


PLAB is a compulsory entrance examination for practicing in the UK, which is administered by the General Medical Council.

The PLAB exam consists of two parts. PLAB Part 1 is a written assessment conducted by the British Council in Pakistan.

PLAB Part 2 is a task-oriented clinical skills assessment conducted in the UK.


The USMLE is the entrance exam required to begin studying in the United States. The USME exam consists of three phases in which you must pass Phase 1, Phase 2 C.K (written work), and Phase 2 C.S (clinical skills) to be eligible to work in the United States.

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