Face Masks: Benefits, Types & How Often You Should Use One

With increasing pollution, a good skincare routine has become essential. Before, people had only a few options when it comes to skincare, but face mask has been a new and effective edition to it. Korean skincare routine is very popular worldwide, and they follow eight steps for skincare. The routine includes applying a face mask to hydrate the face skin layers. The Koreans believe adding face masks in the skincare routine can do wonders for your skin and keep it acne-free, glowing and soft.

A facial mask is the best skin care treatment that is suitable for all skin types, and it can fight against all skin concerns. Using a good face mask can help your skin to stay hydrated, and remove excess oils, and also prevent acne issues. But make sure to choose a mask that is suitable for your face type.

Benefits of using a facial mask

Just like other skincare products, skin masks offer vitamins and nutrients to improve the health of your skin. Then what is the difference? The masks create physical barriers that provide beneficial ingredients to the skin. With proper use of a face mask, you can give an instant boost to your skin. Here are some of the best benefits of using a mask:

  • Clean large pores
  • Boost the blood circulation on the skin
  • Prevent acne and pimple
  • Absorb dirt and excess oil
  • Brightens the dark spots
  • Enhance the skin texture
  • Open the clogged pore
  • Minimize the wrinkles and fine line
  • Increase the elasticity

What are the types of masks available?

There are so many options out there, and it may be confusing for you to choose the right face masks. So here is what you need to know about each type:


This is different from face glow cream, and it may look like a cream, but they turn to a mask after applying. The cream-based mask is best for dry skin because it dehydrates the skin cells. The cream face mask can also be applied to oily skin types depending on the products. These masks can do wonders by adding nutrients and moisture to the skin and give a young-looking appearance.


This is one of the most famous variants of masks that look like jelly or jam. They have a lightweight texture, and they are great for normal and oily skin types. Many gel masks come with ingredients like blackberries and raspberries that minimize oil formation and tighten the pores. Other ingredients like honey and stonecrop are best for dehydrated and dry skin.


Clay is a popular choice among people nowadays, and natural. It has been used as a skincare product for centuries. Clay offers astringent, absorbent, and exfoliating properties that treat skin conditions related to oil, acne, and inflammation. The best thing about clay masks is they can boost the spot treatment.


These types of masks are made to remove the dead skin cells that can turn into acne or pimples. By removing the dead skin cells, you can enhance your skin’s natural beauty. This face mask will take the form of a chemical peel that removes beta or alpha hydroxyl acids to get rid of deal skin cells and remove them from their roots. It can also polish your complexion and offer you smoother skin.


Warming masks have spices like cinnamon, paprika, and other natural ingredients that make the skin warm. They cause a tingling sensation in the face, and your skin may turn red after applying it. But don’t worry because the redness lasts only for 20-60 minutes. After that, you will experience a glowy and healthy complexion. It works in the same way you get to benefit from exercise, increasing the blood flow to the skin. But remember that this mask is not for everyone, and people with sensitive skin shouldn’t use it.

How often you should use one?

Now that you have clearly understood the types and benefits of using face masks, it is time for you to know how often you should use it. Using a face mask is recommended once or twice a week. Using masks, clear all the impurities from the face and provide a base layer of hydration. You will see an instant effect on your skin. Make sure to wash your skin with a natural face wash, and then apply it for better results.

You can achieve flawless skin by applying a good face mask like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask, which is made to moisture your skin overnight. It has ingredients like Glacial Glycoprotein, fountain plant, desert plant extract. Kiehl’s face masks are prepared by infusing all the natural ingredients that give a smoother, softer, and flawless skin. They also prevent acne, reduce wrinkles and keep the skin forever young.

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