Everything You Should Know About eClinicalWorks EHR

eClinicalWorks is the first word that pops in physicians’ minds when they talk about EHR service providers. But what’s the reason behind its rising hype? Why should you go for eClinicalWorks EHR?

In this article, we will present you with a clear picture of this technology-driven product. However, before diving into the why of this vendor, let’s have a look at what is eClinicalWorks EHR.

All about eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is a healthcare IT enterprise founded in 1999 that provides EHR, practice management, and health records services to physicians. According to recent statistics, over 115000 medical professionals and approx 70000 healthcare facilities are using this software nationwide. Modules of this cloud-based software are available on-site and can be used individually and collectively. While prioritizing providers, this product focuses on offering ambulatory services to help providers organize clinical operations and boost their care efficiency.

Being a highly advanced EHR service provider, eClinicalWorks EHR prides itself by providing diverse capabilities to over 50 specialties. In addition, it offers variant functionalities, including patient portal, population health, telehealth, patient kiosks, reporting, messenger, and patient engagement to the point of care. This comprehensive medical technology integrates revenue cycle management solutions with EHR. Hence, it enables users to have a chance at experiencing simplified documentation, enhances patient satisfaction, and a fruitful patient-physician relationship.

Why should you go for eClinicalWorks?

Unlike other vendors, eCliniclWorks is driven by a patient-centric approach for engaging patients through a single but all-inclusive platform. This award-winning software makes clinical practices convenient with its comprehensive yet innovative solutions.

It focuses on making operational and financial processes easy to handle and feasible to secure an excellent customer base by satisfying physicians and patients alike. When its variant modules are integrated, they work magnificently and enable clients to review patients’ records.

No matter its current medications, past visits, vitals, lab results, or diagnostic tests you want to review, this vendor allows all. Managing patient records and verifying insurance eligibility are also some of the remarkable services it holds in store for you.

Patients can request prescription refills, send messages to physicians, view lab results and get appointment reminders. The best thing about it is that it prides itself by creating its own technology, making it a reliable and cohesive system.

The practice management solution of this feature-rich software supervises patients’ check-ins and departure. In doing so, eClinicalWorks EHR synchronizes all procedures from a patient’s visit to a physician to the billing office.

It offers a highly customizable work environment for you so that you work freely as you want. Using this platform, you can experience impeccable data accessibility. You can have required data anywhere and anytime, whether it’s lab results or medication lists.

eClinicalWorks Features

This vendor is best known for the efficiency and productivity it brings to clinical practices through its outstanding functionalities and capabilities. Its salient features include an integrated patient portal, wellness data tracking, prescription refills, telemedicine, and so on.

Virtual assistant

It features an intuitive virtual assistant Eva which is of great help to the providers. It displays patients flowsheets, account balance, and progress notes on physicians’ requests. You can also compare progress notes without disrupting your clinical workflow.

Telemedicine solution

eClinicalWorks offers its own telemedicine solution, namely Healow. Patients can get proper treatment remotely from their preferred healthcare specialists, and also they can look into their medical records, book appointments with complete flexibility. For physicians, this solution extends clinical reach.

Grid cloud system:

Security matters the most in cloud-based software. That’s why it ensures patient data confidentiality across its network through its grid cloud comprising nine data centers for safeguarding patient records by putting forward a secure data sharing channel.

Patient engagement:

This software provides a robust online presence and allows physicians to deliver optimal quality patient care to boost patient satisfaction levels. Its patient engagement solution includes an integrated patient portal,  messenger campaigns, and patient kiosks check-in aimed at the continual advancement of clinical practice.

Revenue cycle management:

Its ground-breaking RCM solution fits the needs of all medical professionals and comes with null startup costs. In addition, physicians can benefit from its instant dashboard alerts, transparent financial visibility, performance evaluations, KPIs, and up-to-date analytic tools. All this helps in improving clinical productivity by generating handsome revenue. 

Besidesthese features, eClincalWorks EHR, offers data tracking functionalities, lab integrations, pharmacy integrations, interoperability, bi, and uni-directional lab communication, and lockbox payment processing.

Benefits and limitations of eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks benefits:

  • Effective record-keeping and its drag and down interface make it easy to access and transport data.
  • It offers utter flexibility and highly customizable features along with a user-friendly interface.
  • An impressive patient portal that supports and records medical notes and comes with well-organized patient charts.
  • Sends prescription refills automatically to pharmacies, thus saves time.

eClinicalWorks limitations:

  • eClinicalWorks ticket system is sluggish; at times, it slows down and crashes.
  • Its formatting feature is not available for large-scale facilities like hospitals.

eClinicalWorks Reviews:

Users like this vendor for its one-in-a-kind functionalities, especially Eva and Healow app that strengthens customer care management facilities by improved care delivery. Its in-depth patient satisfaction is also praised by providers that help enhance their customer base.

Compared to other vendors that charge 5% to 12% of monthly revenue, its revenue cycle management solution charges only 2.9% for its medical billing services—small practices like it for its customizability, intuitive dashboard, and easy-to-use interface.

All-in-all, eClinicalWorks enjoys a longstanding reputation and mostly positive reviews. Some providers say that it has a bit of a learning curve, but it’s easy to get the hang of the software once you understand it.

eClinicalWorks Pricing:

This vendor offers a starting price of $499/month for its EHR service, but its EHR and PM bundle charges $599/month with no startup costs. On top of that, it offers free conversion packages for providers to transit to this software from their current vendors.

You can also schedule a demo with eClinicalWorks anytime you want to get to know their features before investing in it. For scheduling a demo, visit their website.

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