Education Verification: How to Avoid Hiring Untrustworthy Candidates

Some employees produce fake certificates and education transcripts to land a job and beat the competition. These issues are omnipresent. Hindustan Times stated in an article that the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) detected around 150 fake certificates submitted while applying for jobs. 

As a firm, encountering these issues are essential to avoid hiring untrustworthy candidates. For instance, these candidates can cause significant damage to your brand, lose customers, indulge in data theft, launder funds, and poach candidates/vendors/clients. 

Still, this process is not an integral part of the hiring process because organizations find it daunting and time-consuming. As a result, organizations partner with companies offering education verification services to resolve multiple screening-related challenges and hire trustworthy candidates. 

What are the Challenges in Verifying a Hire?

The DIY route with education verification has critical challenges that slow down the process. Apart from the resources and cost issues, these issues are overarching. For instance, the recruiter may be utilizing the wrong information or not even get access to the institute’s database. 

Here are a few more challenges faced by organizations adopting the DIY approach: 

  • A very few education institutions have listed their graduates online. 
  • The commonly followed method of verification is the physical inspection of certificates which is prone to tampering. 
  • Verifying the education physically or through email or post is impossible for a handful of universities. 
  • Having a designated officer to verify the credentials physically is expensive while being impossible as there are many universities in India.
  • Some institutions drag this procedure and delay it.

How Does Education Verification Services Help You Evade a Hiring Nightmare?

As a growing firm, you can quickly reduce the above challenges through online education verification services. The most important reasons are listed out below:

Eliminates Dishonest Candidates: 

The primary expectation an employer has on a candidate while hiring is their truthfulness, which weighs beyond education. These also include professional experience, references, certifications, portfolio, and skills. As a result, onboarding a candidate without verifying the details is detrimental to the business objectives and the bottom line. Also, education verification acts as a two-in-one check to evaluate the candidate’s credibility. These become even more critical as per the industry, especially healthcare, BSFI, construction, education, and IT sector. 

Ensures Qualified Hires:

Qualification is a crucial factor for highly specialized fields. Education background check ensures that the candidate has the appropriate education as the role demands. It also provides that they have passed out from the institution they claim to be from and acquired the certifications. More importantly, it eliminates the hassle of job mismatch that drains the organization’s time and resources, ensuring operational efficiency. 

It’s Affordable:

Education verification is affordable if you hire professional experts that are well-versed in conducting these screening checks. Reputed education services providers utilize AI-enabled tools and technologies, minimizing manual intervention. As a result, you can conduct checks quickly with accurate results. Since the results and accurate and quick, these help you meet the compliance requirements with ease and reduce chances of risks and frauds. 

Improved Employee Performance:

A qualified candidate accelerates business growth. It is because well-qualified people perform well in the post they fill. If a candidate does not possess the right correct educational credentials and certifications, it can become daunting to invest in training programs. As a result, these protect the organization from investing resources in training unqualified candidates.

Why Should You Hire an Expert for the Job?

A bad hire that goes wrong can damage your reputation that take years to build. For instance, the Samsonite debacle is a prime example of that, where the CEO had faked his credentials for claiming a Ph.D. in Business Administration.  

Therefore, partnering with top professionals is critical to verifying education credentials and carrying out background checks. Moreover, conducting education verification in-house can be a lengthy ordeal, and it may take weeks or even complete. 

With AI-based instant solutions and online address verification, you can instantly authenticate your hires and start onboarding and other processes. 


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