Clear Aligners: What’s the Fuss about?

Are your teeth crooked but you don’t want braces at this time? The good news is that clear aligners are here to help you if you need a hassle-free solution for your misaligned teeth. Perhaps you’ve heard about the craze surrounding clear aligners, but what’s the big deal?

When you think about “braces,” you probably picture incredibly unattractive metal brackets and wires tied around your teeth. Well, since clear aligners are almost undetectable, you can grin with assurance while wearing them. Many people are still unaware of clear aligners and believe that the only treatment option for crooked teeth is traditional braces. The use of clear aligners for teeth straightening is undoubtedly a big blessing.


What are clear aligners? 

Transparent, form-fitting thermoplastic trays called “clear aligners” are used to realign crooked teeth. Since everyone has a different set of teeth and a different-sized jaw, thus clear aligners are built to order. The patient receives several sets of personalized aligners from the dentist. Each pair must be worn in a specific order for at least 20 hours every day for two weeks.


How exactly do Invisible aligners function?

They exert a slight, consistent tension on the teeth, which causes tooth movement. The remodeling of the bone allows for very smooth movement. For Invisible aligners, the adage “Slow and steady wins the race” holds true. The creation of clear aligners involves the use of digital 3D technologies. Every set of Invisible aligners is made to apply different amounts of force in the desired direction. For the tooth to stay in its new position and to avoid rotation back to its previous position, each set must be worn for at least two weeks.


Are clear braces and clear aligners interchangeable? 

Frequently, people mix up clear braces with clear aligners. They differ from each other. Clear braces are traditional braces with wires and brackets that are transparent, also referred to as ceramic braces. They are more aesthetically pleasing than metal braces but far from clear aligners.  


What Differs Between In-Office and At-Home Aligners?

There are two categories of clear aligners:

  • At-home aligners – You can start your orthodontic treatment from the convenience of your own home with the use of teeth straightening kits (home imprints). This is known as at-home aligner treatment. Another name for at-home aligners is direct-to-consumer (DTC) aligners. These procedures cost less than those offered in offices. Compared to conventional aligners, these are more accessible and convenient. You don’t have to go to a dentist or orthodontist for a consultation or regular checkups because the treatment is monitored remotely.

  • In-office aligners – In-office aligners provide thorough care at a premium cost. You must see a licensed dentist to start treatment and for checkups every eight weeks (this varies). 


In-office aligners are significantly more expensive than at-home aligners. Although not frequently practiced due to restrictions, receiving care under a dentist’s supervision is always preferable.


Advantages of clear aligners

In comparison to alternative treatment, transparent aligners have a few more significant benefits. Few benefits of the clear aligner treatment include the following:


  • They are completely hassle-free, and you can frequently remove and clean them. By doing this, you may keep up with your oral hygiene.


  • Highly aesthetic due to its transparency and close fit, which practically makes it undetectable.


  • There are no concerns of recurrent mouth sores or cuts brought on by traditional braces.


  • Clear aligners do not impose any dietary restrictions. Contrary to metal braces, you can take out your aligners while eating. 


  • Additionally, they’re patient-friendly


Limitations of clear aligners 

Before undergoing this treatment, there are several drawbacks to clear aligners that should be taken into account. Here are few drawbacks of clear aligner treatment:


  • You must continue wearing your aligners religiously. If you take a break from wearing them, you run the risk of not seeing benefits in a timely manner and running the risk of relapsing, which would mean you’ll be starting over from scratch.


  • Not intended for the treatment of teeth that are badly misaligned or crooked.


  • They are considerably more expensive than traditional braces.


Tips to maintain your clear aligners

  • Daily cleaning should be done with cold or regular water because hot water can harm the aligners.


  • Never apply toothpaste on them


  • Brush and floss your teeth prior to putting on your aligners 


  • Avoid drinking coloured beverages


  • Take off your aligners before eating 


  • Take care not to leave your aligner trays in the open 


  • Rinse your aligners after each removal 


Trust your orthodontist with your smile

If you’re still in doubt about clear aligners, Illusion Aligners is here to clear all of your doubts. Book an appointment with Illusion Aligners to get expert advice from our certified orthodontists now. We offer exceptional service and ensure outstanding results with US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved Clear aligners. Visit the website to know more about Clear aligners. 

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