8 Ways to Make Your College Dorm Party the Best Ever

8 Ways to Make Your College Dorm Party the Best Ever


Let’s face it, college dorm parties are some of the best parties around! A combination of cheap booze, friends and home-made decorations makes them pretty unbeatable! If you’re hosting your first dorm party or want to make it the best ever, check out these eight ways to make your college dorm party the best ever!

1) Set a Theme for dorm Party

College dorm parties are notorious for being random and unplanned. If you want yours to be memorable, make it a theme party! This will give people a chance to go all out with their costumes or outfits. You can pick any theme you want but always keep in mind your audience. Some good choices include: best/worst costume, prom night, zombie attack, black and white ball, circus/carnival

2) Don’t Play Everything

When you’re setting up your college dorm party, it can be tempting to take on a lot of different roles: DJ, bartender, waiter/waitress. This is a great idea if you want things done quickly and you don’t want your party-goers waiting around for anything—but if you do want to do everything, just plan for it accordingly.

3) Plan Transportation

College dorm parties are notorious for getting out of hand, so plan your transportation in advance. If you’re underage, have someone drive your car while you take a taxi or public transportation (or even use ride-sharing apps like Uber). If you’re over 21, see if one of your guests can drive everyone home at night. Don’t leave anything to chance—you don’t want to be left stranded on campus after a college dorm party!

4) Choose an Appropriate Location

If you’re looking for a dorm party location in USA, New York is one of the best options. The city has hundreds of restaurants and clubs and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. This means there are tons of entertainment possibilities within easy access; you can go bowling, horseback riding or play 18 holes at one of many nearby golf courses. When it comes to shopping, let’s just say you won’t have to travel far from your dorm room.

5) Decide on When It Will Happen

College parties can happen on any night, so deciding on a date for your dorm party will likely depend on which of your friends is hosting it. And if you’re planning your own party, start by finding out when a few of your friends are free—that way you can make sure that everyone who wants to come can be there. However, avoid having a party in peak hours (9 p.m.–1 a.m.) as others students might not get invited or have prior commitments.

6) Send Invitations Early

It’s best to send dorm party invitations two weeks before your event so that people have time to plan for it. Plus, asking them early ensures that they don’t get caught off guard when you call or text them on a Sunday evening because you forgot it was Labor Day weekend and they were headed out of town with their families. This will make sure everyone can be there and won’t miss out on your epic colege dorm party!

7) Think About Alcohol and Other Substances

Partying in college has a reputation for involving alcohol, but what most first-year students don’t realize is that partying without alcohol and other substances can be just as much fun. You might even find you party more efficiently when you remove these extraneous elements from your plans! If your college dorm party doesn’t involve alcohol or substances, you can take full advantage of your freedom by doing all sorts of crazy things that are off-limits in sober circumstances.

8) Have Fun And Don’t Overthink Things!

Don’t overthink things! Before you know it, your night will be over and all you’ll have is photos of empty pizza boxes. Having fun is easy, so try not to stress out and get excited! You’ll enjoy your dorm party much more if you just relax and go with it. And remember, no matter how crazy it gets—or doesn’t get—there are bound to be some college dorm party photos that will make any party worth it.

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