5 Tips To Avoid Munchies When Using Delta 8

Smoking weed is commonly associated with an appetite-inducing action. Most cannabis consumers experience these unexplainable cravings for foods of all kinds. The moment they smoke or vape cannabis, they develop this need to munch on something delicious.  

Whether it’s fruit or chips or a plain-jane sandwich, it doesn’t matter if it’s food. This condition is known as munchies, and it’s typically associated with standard cannabis. However, since Delta 8 THC is increasingly growing in popularity, users report that D8 seems to induce hunger just like any other type of marijuana.  

Whether you smoke a joint, eat some gummies, or vape cannabis, expect to grow incredibly hungry all of a sudden. Let’s get deeper into what D8 is, why it makes you hungry, and what you can do about it.  

Delta 8 explained 


Kinship to Delta 9 THC, D8 is an analog of regular THC. It has all the same properties with just one but significant difference – it’s less psychoactive than regular THC. In other words, D8 can get you high but not as intense as regular D9 THC.  

D8 and D9 share a variety of potential effects and attributes, such as: 

  • Appetite stimulation; 
  • Analgesic properties; 
  • Beneficial to neural protection; 
  • Suppressing nausea; 
  • Soothing anxiety and stress. 

D8 can stimulate your appetite and make you feel all sorts of food cravings. Like other cannabinoids, consuming D8 involves various effects, including appetite stimulation. However, your food cravings depend on the type of D8 you consume and how much you take. If you’re interested in exploring the various benefits of D8, click here to try best hybrid marijuana strains.

How D8 makes you hungry 


Like CBD and D9, D8 interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Imagine ECS as a vast interconnected, cell-signaling network in your body, in charge of countless functions, including regulating appetite.  

ECS consists of a range of unique components, with CB1 receptors being the main ones pertinent to understanding how and why D8 causes the munchies. D8 binds directly to CB1, which is one of the main parts of your central nervous system.  

Receptors like CB1 are in charge of regulating everything from appetite and pain to metabolism and sleep. The moment you consume D8, it finds its way to CB1 receptors, binds with them, and makes you feel the cravings.  

D8 activates CB1 in the ECS, and the results are: 

  • Inhibited adrenal cyclase; 
  • Modulated potassium channel activities; 
  • Enhanced activity of the mitogen-activated protein. 

Now that you know how and why D8 causes you to feel the munchies let’s discuss what you can do to avoid them. 

How to avoid D8 munchies 

delta munchies

If you’re struggling with the munchies and want to avoid them, the following tips can help. 


THCV is also known as diet cannabis. It’s closely related to THC but with one fascinating difference – unlike THC, THCV can reduce the munchies. It also can help with many things, such as regulating positive metabolic energy and increasing satiety.  

THCV can dull your cravings when you’re high and put your appetite on hold, so you don’t get the munchies. By doing so, THCV can help you regulate weight and maintain a steady diet. More importantly, it won’t take away from any psychoactive properties. You’ll still get high but without the munchies. 

Replace unhealthy foods with healthy snacks 

If there’s no way to avoid the munchies, you can use that situation to eat something healthy. Opt for foods that contain low amounts of salt, sugar, and fat. Fruits and nuts usually work like a charm for such occasions. You can also consider making smoothies for even better refreshments. 

Drinks lots of water or tea 

In some situations, you can make the munchies go away by simply drinking some water, coffee, or tea. Since coffee isn’t suitable for the evening D8 sessions, drinking water or tea will do fine. If you get the cravings, try drinking a glass of water or a cup of tea before you get down to preparing snacks right away.  

Both tea and water can fill you up and make you feel less inclined to munch on anything you grab your hands on. Both water and tea are good for you and can help you avoid earning extra weight. Here’s a nice tip: toss a slice of lime or lemon and some fresh mint in your beverage.  

Eat before you consume D8 

Sometimes, all it takes to avoid the munchies is to eat before consuming D8. Don’t confuse actual hunger with the munchies. Weed is known to stimulate appetite, and if you haven’t eaten enough food before using D8, you won’t just feel the munchies but actual hunger. Because of that, have a regular meal or a snack before you dive deep into the wonders of D8. 

Have a mint or chewing gum 

Keeping your mouth occupied can be a fantastic way to avoid munchies. A mint or a piece of gum can do just fine. There is also CBD gum you should tap into to get the benefits of both CBD and THC while you’re at it. Both mints and gum are low on calories and come in various flavors. 


Now that you have some idea about D8 and how to avoid the munchies, feel free to dive deep into the world of Delta 8 THC products. Whether you consume it for the mildly euphoric effects and recreational purposes or you’re intentionally stimulating your appetite, D8 can help you relax and feel good. Choose a product that suits your needs the most and enjoy yourself. 

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