3 Safety Tips When Driving a Kenworth 18 Wheeler Truck

Many types of accidents happen even when people are careful. It is the truth that nobody wants to get hurt or find themselves in these messy and troubling scenarios. So, it is a natural response for every person to become cautious and educate themselves on which safety tips are best to apply.

For instance, did you know that based on the annual data, it appears that thousands of fatal accidents happen and would most likely involve medium to heavy-duty or other commercial vehicles? It means thousands of lives have suffered every year. Additional data shows that cars and trucks collide and most of the liability is caused by passenger vehicles. 

But, the truth of the matter is one of the best ways to avoid accidents is to be prepared. It is also the reality of no one ever knowing what will occur in their lives. Nevertheless, if you are driving a Kenworth big-wheeler truck, here are three safety tips.

Avoid using your mobile phone or gadgets while driving.

No one can ever deny the great perks smartphones have brought to many people’s lives. It connects you to your loved ones when you’re traveling far. It keeps you updated, and that’s with the latest events happening worldwide. And it surely can help you get through a lonely night watching great flicks.

However, using the smartphone, especially when texting and driving, is a recipe for danger. When going, a person has to concentrate on the road. Receiving a text and getting the urge to read it is a distraction that must stop immediately. Avoid texting while driving because a second distraction could mean another person’s life.

Be aware of your surroundings.

As a Wheeler  truck driver, there’s no denying that your vehicle is higher and more prominent than the rest joining you on the road. But, it also applies that the responsibility is also big on your end. 

Being aware of your surroundings helps you gauge your speed and the next course of action you might have to take. Sometimes, having a fast reflex and decision-making tendencies can save someone. Always keep your eyes wide open and search for red flags while on the road.

Furthermore, cutting off trucks and tailgating should be discouraged at all times. As all trucks are significant, it takes a lot of time to stop completely. So, giving you and other drivers enough distance for safety offers more opportunities to save yourselves from harm.

Mind the blind spots and respect your fellow truck drivers.

Without any doubt, you will be driving on the long journey with fellow Wheeler truck drivers. You can anticipate the journey to be challenging but fulfilling at the same time. However, since you are on a tight schedule, getting extra freedom to travel slowly is not an option.

As a truck driver, there’s no denying that your vehicle is higher and more prominent than the rest joining you on the road. But, it also applies that the responsibility is also big on your end. 

So, as you drive fast through different roads, make sure to mind the blind spots. Sometimes, you have to know that you could be caught in the blind spot and make certain adjustments to avoid pinning yourself in danger. 

Give enough space for truck drivers to move and avoid cutting them off. Don’t drive next to another truck and when you have to pass one, do it quickly. Be respectful with your fellow truck drivers.

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