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Another year is drawing to a close, so now is the ideal moment to look ahead to what food and drinks trends might await us in 2022. Veganism and vegetarianism are becoming more popular in 2021, as is enthusiasm in fusion cuisine. For recipe inspiration, many of us have turned to social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. What, on the other hand, might we expect in 2022? Here are the predicted trends.

1.     Flexitarian Food

Take note, retailers: the flexitarian movement is picking up steam. Reducetarianism was named a top trend to watch for 2022 in Whole Foods Market’s latest Trends Council report, making it ideal for “plant-curious eaters” who aren’t ready to give up meat totally. According to the online food marketplace, sales of vegetarian food goods surged by 156% between 2020 and 2021, while sales of vegan products increased by 150%. Products like dairy and meat alternatives are a rising market.

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2.     Bigger, Better Breakfast

Cutting out the commute means more consumers have time for a leisurely breakfast, thanks to the home working boom, which has caused a shift in consumers’ grocery buying habits. With many still waiting to return full-time to the office, cutting out the commute means more consumers have time for a leisurely breakfast.

3.     Mushrooms

Although versatile mushrooms are not a new addition to the superfood category, their cult-like status is now reaching the general public. Not only is mushroom consumption on the upswing, but they’re also popping up in more unexpected places, from mushroom powder giving punchy food flavour essence to alternative meats to variations that add functional benefits to beverages.

4.     Bottled Cocktails

There’s nothing not to like about today’s quality pre-batched bottled cocktails: they’re convenient, cost-effective and delicious. Pre-mixed cocktails have shed their less-than-stellar reputation as speciality drink industry brands reinvent the category to ride the tide of premiumization in drinks, whether packaged in ready-to-drink cans or bigger bottles that customers can give back to for an evening tipple.

5.     Nostalgic Desserts

Retro dishes’ appeal hasn’t worn off on customers, who continue to turn to nostalgic recipes for a taste of home. Younger generations are also participating, with one TikTok video featuring a school-dinner-style traybake collecting over 100,000 views. 

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6.     Japanese Flavours

Since the pandemic, dishes influenced by other countries have grown in popularity. Experts have noticed a surge in interest in Japanese flavours in the run-up to and during the Tokyo Olympics. Compared to the same period last year, consumers were eager to try their hand at making their sushi, with sales of sushi mats up 57% and nori up 56%.

According to experts, yuzu, citrus native to Japan, Korea and China, is showing up in a growing range of products, including vinaigrettes, hard seltzers, mayos and more. They believe that it will shine even brighter in 2022.

7.     Levantine Food

Food flavour powder from the Levant, which covers a huge territory in the Eastern Mediterranean, also inspires consumers. Pomegranate molasses, Turkish Urfa chilli flakes and Feta parcels were among the top-searched Levantine products, flying off the shelves.

8.     CBD

Because of the increased desire for nutritious foods and CBD’s claimed mental health and wellness benefits, the CBD market has experienced a surge in interest in recent years. CBD products are increasingly moving away from health food stores and into food and drinks goods. Therefore, it’s a market worth looking into for fine food businesses. Products like Cannasa, a premium CBD-infused drink, are becoming increasingly popular due to the increased interest in CBD.

9.     Potato Milk

Could potato milk be the next big thing to shake up the vegan milk industry? Experts, from buyers to food consultants, have been drawn to the innovative brand because of its sustainability credentials and creamy flavour. With plant-based milk like oat milk and almond milk continuing to gather momentum in the dairy sector, there’s reason to believe the hype that plant-based milk will become more popular.

10. Spicy Foods

People are showing a strong interest in adding a burst of flavour to their dishes, from classic spices like garam masala and cardamom to South-East Asian flavours like gochujang or American-style barbecue rubs. In fact, following a good 2020, the shop’s sales of herbs and spices are up 41% this year. Middle Eastern spices and speciality salts are among the best-selling items in this category, owing to the popularity of Levantine cuisine.

Final Words

More time at home during a pandemic means more time eating and drinking for most of us. Although the future is uncertain, there is reason to be optimistic. food and drinks trends by food flavour manufacturers that we may expect to see in 2022 are listed above. Now is the time to put yours to the test!

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